Monday, June 9, 2008

Animoto Video #1 - Redhook

Here is my first attempt at a video of some racing photos Kristin took. I was originally going to do this by hand using Adobe Premiere and some other freebies I get for being an 'inside man'...but I found a very cool shortcut via the guys over at Animoto (found this via Jim Schley's site where he used Animoto for some skiing footage)... I took the Redhook 5k as my first example, and Animoto ties very nicely into just about any blog/networking/ and photo sharing site you can think of... I was able to tie their service directly into my Flickr account to pluck images from...very cool I must say. I'll work on Rhody sometime soon and post that as well. Hope I don't get sued by the Boss for using his tuneage...


  1. cool. Animoto really works great for race photos.

  2. I LOVE it!!!! Now I want it for mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( so does Jay haha) Its sooo good- I'm totally stealing... Also- Sub 14 5k/pr- wtf- Modest as usual...Thats absolutly Ri G. D. Diculously fast