Saturday, June 14, 2008

2008 Market Square Day 10K

Sunday it was once again time for the Market Square Day 10K (results) in Portsmouth, NH... The 3rd race in the 2008 Seacoast Road Race Series. This year, the weather was better...not for racing, but for just being outside at the festival. It wasn't too hot at race time and only a little bit of wind near the very end of the race. Pretty much a perfect day to run mediocre...but then again, when I psyche myself up into thinking that 10K is twice as long as I can race, chances are I won't have a good race....This one I'll take though because after all, I ran faster than my previous attempt at a 10K (NE XC last fall) so I can't complain (as much as I usually do). Going into this I realized that 6 of my last 7 races were all only 5ks (with the other of the 7 being a 6k)... So this one was going to feel a lot different. I realized that at about 3 miles (right after I almost got hit by a car...long story)... Again, I was pleased to see CMS jersey's out in force which means that Danny V was around... My saving grace for even attempting to run a good time, is to keep him in view because I know he's going to have a good race. That held true again today, as I tried to stay with him for the first couple of miles. I found myself behind him at 2 and and then started to lose him by 3. At 5 I was probably as far back as I was going to get, at about 20-30 yards or so. Looking up, we could see Wilson Perez just about the entire race, but Mark Miller (winner in '07) and eventual winner Joseph Ekuom (NY) were nowhere in sight (thats what happens I guess when people run 31 & change and you run 33).... Right at the 6 mile mark (exactly in front of the clock), I started my surge for the line and passed Dan, whom I credit for once again doing all of the work the previous 6 miles... I finished right at 33:01 and in 4th place overall.


- Individual Place: 4th (of 1536 runners)
- Time: 33:00 - Net Time / 33:01 - Gun Time (a few rows back at start)
- Team Place: 1st (of 17)
- First in Age Group (30-39) (excluding top 3 places)...nice medal with purple and white ribbon. Last year it was green...

10K Splits (suspect placement of mile markers/clocks):

Mile 1: 5:15
Mile 2: 5:12 (10:27)
Mile 3: 5:13 (15:41)
5k: (16:26)
Mile 4: 5:37 (21:19)
Mile 5: 5:19 (26:39)
Mile 6: 5:19 (31:59)
10k: 33:01

1st 5k - 16:26 / 2nd 5k - 16:35

Team Place:

1. MERRIMACK VALLEY STRIDERS 33:00 35:03 36:12 38:40 45:58 ( 50:02) ( 53:18) = 3:08:53 Jim Johnson, Lars Bjune, Caroline Bjune, Bob Dubois, Mark Zytkovicz, Ernie Fredericks, Pamela Rivet

MVS Open teammate Lars Bjune ran really well today at 35:03 (10th place overall)... improving his time and place from last year at this race by 1:07 and 10 places respectively. His wife and 2008 Olympic trial marathon qualifyer Caroline Bjune also ran a tremendous race today finishing in 17th place overall / 2nd for Women at 36:13...and improvement from last year (when she won this race) of 14 seconds at 4 overall places.

Our actual time as a team would have been faster (place wouldn't have changed) had they correctly identified Scott Masse (also at 45:58) as being an MVS team member. It would have helped if he was wearing his MVS SINGLET!!! ;)

Which brings me to some pictures from the lovely and talented Kristin who was under the weather today but still managed a couple of shots of the beginning and end of the race. Check out the usual location for these pictures on my Flickr page [photo set] and [slideshow] ... Kristin and I did some walking around / shopping / ice cream eating /etc. afterwards...all in all a good day. My parents also got to go which was a treat. Like old times...except now I'm old.

Also, more fun with Animoto... check out my 2nd video below:

Photos: The lovely and talented Kristin and My Mom (who is also lovely and talented)...
Music: The Cult - "She Sells Sanctuary" (1985)
Video Production: Me.

.....Washington in one week! Yikes.

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