Saturday, May 3, 2008

Training - 04/28/08 - 05/04/08

Weekly Training for 04/28/08 - 05/04/08 - Total: 74 Miles

Moderate mileage this week as I tend to a sore couple of hamstrings (good thing I only have 2)... My workout on Wednesday was borderline disastrous. I had to go down to the office which forced me to go out solo for the workout. I found a decent batch of back roads in Wellesley and Weston, and managed to do a few loops around Norumbega Reservoir on a gravel utility road. The hamstrings just wouldn't fully cooperate and I was forced to stop and stretch between my last set of quarters. I took it really easy on Thursday and Friday (Friday's run being my slowest run in a long time) and then sucked it up with an ice bath and Epsom salt soak before bed.

[Race Report]

Saturday took me up to Portsmouth, NH for the first time this season for the Children's Museum of Portsmouth 5k (results). This was the first race in the 2008 Seacoast Road Race Series and it was definitely a success as far as turnout goes. Last year's race (which wasn't part of the series) drew 357 people. This year that total swelled to 812 (and the race organizers were unfortunately not ready for that big of a field). I got there early (7:45am) and registered without any sort of line anywhere. 30 minutes later it was a complete madhouse. The streets around Strawberry Banke were filled with people looking to register and people looking for someplace to go to the bathroom. The bathroom situation was horrible. 2 bathrooms for 812 people + a TON of race volunteers. At race time, 9am, there was still 50+ people (easy) waiting in line to register for the race. They delayed the start about 15-20 minutes to allow for as many people as they could to be registered and down to the starting line. Needless to say, I ran around aimlessly looking for a side alley, bush, or rogue construction outhouse to use but to no avail. I got on the line and ran the race while needing to use the bathroom (7 on a scale from 1-10). The pain and discomfort went away during the race thank god. Registration and facility-issues aside though, the race was pretty well organized (volunteer and course-wise). The course was a straightforward 'out and back' and overlapped some of the Market Square/Eastern States/Harbour Trail courses. There were also a couple of rolling hills (enough to make the course substantially slower than the Concord course). Last year's winner, Sam Wood (Keene St. Soph), went out really fast and hung on for the win again this year. He led from start to finish and I never really got any closer than about 9-10 seconds back. I ran in a pack of about 5-6 runners for the first mile and then started to pull away over mile 2. I finished with a 15:56 (5:08 pace) for 2nd place overall and took home 6 Maine lobsters for my troubles. Lobsters were given to the first three overall (10 for 1st, 6 for 2nd, and 4 for 3rd) and for each age group winner (2 lobsters). Kristin sat this one out due to the weather, but did catch me in a brief pose with two of my winnings (before I ate them). They were delicious :). View race writeup here (they have my town as 'Raymond' in the writeup but I fixed that with the Granite State people after the race).

Splits: 5:13/5:08/5:03 - 15:56.

Monday - 3:26pm - 57 min (8 miles) - Andover (roads & trails) with Dave Dunham, Dan Verrington (rain).
Tuesday - 4:30pm - 1:40:00 (13.5 miles) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill, Atkinson (roads) - solo in the pouring rain.
Wednesday - 4:30pm - Workout (solo) - 22 min w/up + 4x 20 sec on/40 sec off + 37 sec on + 60 sec off + 4 x 2:30 on /75 sec off + 60 sec jog + 82 sec on + 60 sec rest + 16 minutes at 80/81 (5:20-5:25 pace) - + 6 x 72 sec on / 75 off + 14 min cooldown - Newton, Wellesley, Weston - 1:31:00 total workout time - Total 13 miles.
Thursday - 4:30pm - 60 min (8 miles) easy - Merrimack River Trails - Andover (trails) w/ Matt Pimentel.
Friday - 4:00pm - 60 min (8 miles) easy - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) solo.
Saturday - 4+ miles warm up with Dan Verrington over Portsmouth 5k course, then running around to try to find a bathroom + 5k race (2nd overall - 15:56) + cooldown over the course again w/ Dan Verrington and Anthony Balakier. (Total - 10)
Sunday - 4:00pm - 1:40:50 (13.5 miles) easy - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill, Atkinson (roads) - solo.

Approx. mileage for the week....~ 74

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  1. Jay Jo and I are sitting on my couch and we pulled up your page so we can check up on the racing status of Jim Johnson ;-) Jay says he better see you on the AT soon :-D