Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Wakefield Pride Day 5k

Today I ran the 8th Annual Wakefield Pride Day 5K (results) race up in Wakefield NH. This was cool to do (even if there was only really 1 other competitive runner there). I spent a great deal of my youth up in Wakefield at my parents' lake house and try to spend at least a few weekends a year there now. Its a really small town of about 4000 people (although area-wise it is about 44 square miles) that sits in the lakes region of NH in Carroll county, along the Maine border. Each year, right before Memorial Day weekend, they hold Wakefield Pride Day and have a parade, art show, and streetside activities along the main street that runs through the village of Sanbornville. The 5K usually draws a pretty small crowd of mostly walkers and local kids. The course IS certified however (NH01001WN), and is pretty rolly, with much of the first 1.5 uphill. It's an out-and-back with a complete 180 turnaround in the middle of a street, which is somewhat bizarre and definitely breaks up your stride a bit. First place prize was 2 free rounds of golf (for 2) at the Province Lake Country Club in adjacent Parsonsfield, ME, which didn't do me too much good due to the fact that 1) My father is a longtime club member already, and the webmaster for their website, and 2) I don't golf. All in all though, it was a fun morning, the weather was cooperative and it cleared up completely during my cooldown. I got to cooldown with 2nd place finisher Max Thomas from Wolfboro NH (Kingswood H.S. / White Mountain Milers) who is also running Mt. Washington in 25 days...

As always, the lovely and talented Kristin was 'johnny on the spot' with the camera and took a few photos here...

Mile 1: 4:54...rolling hills but working with Max who took it out hard
Mile 2: 5:12 (10:06) ...hills
Mile 3: 5:03 (15:09) ...coming back down...
.1: 55 (16:05).

Needless to say, the end was slightly uphill and a little 'suspect' with that 55 seconds (as I was sprinting in) may have been a tad long.

Wakefield Pride Day 5K over the years:

2008 - Me - M31 - 16:05 - Total field: 84
2007 - Jack Collopy - M13 - 18:14 - Total Field: 60
2006 - Jack Collopy - M12 - 19:32 - Total Field: 73
2005 - ???????
2004 - Lou Ruggiero - M55 - 18:53 - Total Field: 51
2003 - Jesse Howes - M22 - 18:00 - Total Field: 32
2002 - Randy Bartlett - M46 - 18:46 - Total Field: 50
2001 - Nick Soverel - M19 - 17:14 - Total Field: 117

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