Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 Redhook Brewery / Runners Alley 5K

2008 Redhook Brewery / Runners Alley 5K and Weekly Training for 05/12/08 - 05/25/08

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Sunday was my second attempt at the Redhook Brewery / Runners Alley 5K (results) at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, NH. Last year it was my first real 5k and I was 7th overall out of 1824, but ran over a minute slower than this year. This year, I captured probably my biggest road race win since coming back and was 1st out of 1897 (the biggest finishing field in the 11 years of this race). The weather was perfect (maybe just a tad on the warm side) and the course was run in reverse this year with a slight change, but to me, it was no harder or easier than last year. Essentially it runs as an out and back loop over the same roads as it always has. The first mile is completely flat with just a hair of a incline in the middle...almost unnoticeable. Then at about 1.25 through 1.75 or so it is all up a steady but light incline that slowed the 2nd mile down just enough to notice... From about 1.75 - 2.25 its all down an incline that is just steep enought to 'maybe' notice you are going downhill... The race played out with Dan Princic (Whirlaway) doing mostly all the work, past (multi) Redhook winner Mike O'Brien, Christian Muentener (GCS Triad), and myself all running in a pack of 4 through just about 2 miles. At the 2 mile mark, Dan made a slight move and quickened the pace. At first, I didn't react and let him get a slight lead... Then I moved back up and rode right behind him (dropping the other two) until we could see the top of the Brewery on the return trip. At about 2.8 or so, I made a move and went up and past him...fortunetly he let me go and (with my head on a swivel) I made my way into the finish for the win. Props to Joe Dunn and Andrea for tagging along and congrats to Joe who took 2 minutes off his prior 5k time today.

The winfall:
2 Redhook t-shirts, a Redhook hat, a glass Redhook gallon beer jug in a carrying case, free Redhook beer for a year, a Redhook beer tap trophy, and $100 cash.

5K Splits: - 1st Place - 15:32 (5:00 pace)

Mile 1: 4:51
Mile 2: 5:12 (10:03)
Mile 3: 4:53 (14:56)
.1 : 35. (15:32)

As always, special thanks to the lovely and talented Kristin who was slightly overdressed and stood out in the hot sun to get some nice pictures..... Slideshow or regular Set . There are a few other MVS folk in this set as well as some other randoms...enjoy.

Weekly Training for 05/19/08 - 05/25/08 - Total: 80 Miles

Had big plans for this past week's training, but as the week drew on I knew I needed some rest and backed off a bit (and canned a couple doubles I wanted to do). Moving the long run to Wed. feels pretty good and racing each week is helping me stay sharp with no specific track or speed work at the moment. I am trying to be careful and stay healthy while getting in these races and especially focusing on being able to get through Washington in less than a month.

Monday - 1:00pm - 53:57 (8 miles) - medium/steady - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo. 4:00pm - 53:14 (8 miles) - steady - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo - (Total: 16)
Tuesday - 3:30pm - 1:16:46 (11.5 miles) - medium/easy - Salem, Methuen, Pelham (roads) - solo.
Wednesday - 1:00pm - 2:06:30 (17.5) - easy - Salem, Methuen, N. Salem (roads) - solo.
Thursday - 6:00pm - 1:01:02 (8 miles) - easy / shakeout - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo.
Friday - 3:26pm - 55:06 (8 miles) - medium - Andover (trails) - w/ Dan Verrington, Dave Dunham.
Saturday - 10:30am - 35:36 (5 miles) - medium - Salem, Methuen (roads) - solo.
Sunday - 10:00am - 24:00 w/up over 5k course + strides and additional running around w/ Joe Dunn + Race Redhook 5K (1st - 15:32) + cooldown over 5k course w/ Joe Dunn.
7:00pm - 4 mile shakeout - Salem, Methuen (solo). (Total - 14)

Approx. mileage for the week....~ 80

Weekly Training for 05/12/08 - 05/18/08 - Total: 66 Miles

Forgot to add this last week....

Monday - 4:00pm - 1:19:30 (11.5 miles) - super easy - Salem, Methuen, Pelham (roads) - solo. Threw out back earlier in the day. Barely got through this one.
Tuesday - 4:30pm - 70:30 (10 miles) - medium - Andover (roads and trails) - with Matt Pimentel.
Wednesday - 6:00pm - 2:01:50 (17.5 miles) - medium - Salem, Methuen, N. Salem (roads) - solo.
Thursday - 12:00pm - 58:16 (8 miles) - easy - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo.
Friday - 3:30pm - 57:07 (8 miles) - easy/medium with 8x20sec on/off over last mile - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo.
Saturday - 7:30am - 32 min w/up + 5k race - Wakefield Pride Day 5k - Wakefield NH (1st -16:05) + 25 min c/down w/ Max Thomas - Total - 11
Sunday - off.

Approx. mileage for the week....~ 66


  1. congrats! that's a big win and a great finish! nice prices too-- free redhook for a year... cool!

  2. HOLY WIN!!!!!!!!!! You're doing amazing!!!! That had to feel sooo good- especilly after such a long hiatus from college til now- yey jj!!