Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 Redhook Brewery / Runners Alley 5K

2008 Redhook Brewery / Runners Alley 5K and Weekly Training for 05/12/08 - 05/25/08

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Sunday was my second attempt at the Redhook Brewery / Runners Alley 5K (results) at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, NH. Last year it was my first real 5k and I was 7th overall out of 1824, but ran over a minute slower than this year. This year, I captured probably my biggest road race win since coming back and was 1st out of 1897 (the biggest finishing field in the 11 years of this race). The weather was perfect (maybe just a tad on the warm side) and the course was run in reverse this year with a slight change, but to me, it was no harder or easier than last year. Essentially it runs as an out and back loop over the same roads as it always has. The first mile is completely flat with just a hair of a incline in the middle...almost unnoticeable. Then at about 1.25 through 1.75 or so it is all up a steady but light incline that slowed the 2nd mile down just enough to notice... From about 1.75 - 2.25 its all down an incline that is just steep enought to 'maybe' notice you are going downhill... The race played out with Dan Princic (Whirlaway) doing mostly all the work, past (multi) Redhook winner Mike O'Brien, Christian Muentener (GCS Triad), and myself all running in a pack of 4 through just about 2 miles. At the 2 mile mark, Dan made a slight move and quickened the pace. At first, I didn't react and let him get a slight lead... Then I moved back up and rode right behind him (dropping the other two) until we could see the top of the Brewery on the return trip. At about 2.8 or so, I made a move and went up and past him...fortunetly he let me go and (with my head on a swivel) I made my way into the finish for the win. Props to Joe Dunn and Andrea for tagging along and congrats to Joe who took 2 minutes off his prior 5k time today.

The winfall:
2 Redhook t-shirts, a Redhook hat, a glass Redhook gallon beer jug in a carrying case, free Redhook beer for a year, a Redhook beer tap trophy, and $100 cash.

5K Splits: - 1st Place - 15:32 (5:00 pace)

Mile 1: 4:51
Mile 2: 5:12 (10:03)
Mile 3: 4:53 (14:56)
.1 : 35. (15:32)

As always, special thanks to the lovely and talented Kristin who was slightly overdressed and stood out in the hot sun to get some nice pictures..... Slideshow or regular Set . There are a few other MVS folk in this set as well as some other randoms...enjoy.

Weekly Training for 05/19/08 - 05/25/08 - Total: 80 Miles

Had big plans for this past week's training, but as the week drew on I knew I needed some rest and backed off a bit (and canned a couple doubles I wanted to do). Moving the long run to Wed. feels pretty good and racing each week is helping me stay sharp with no specific track or speed work at the moment. I am trying to be careful and stay healthy while getting in these races and especially focusing on being able to get through Washington in less than a month.

Monday - 1:00pm - 53:57 (8 miles) - medium/steady - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo. 4:00pm - 53:14 (8 miles) - steady - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo - (Total: 16)
Tuesday - 3:30pm - 1:16:46 (11.5 miles) - medium/easy - Salem, Methuen, Pelham (roads) - solo.
Wednesday - 1:00pm - 2:06:30 (17.5) - easy - Salem, Methuen, N. Salem (roads) - solo.
Thursday - 6:00pm - 1:01:02 (8 miles) - easy / shakeout - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo.
Friday - 3:26pm - 55:06 (8 miles) - medium - Andover (trails) - w/ Dan Verrington, Dave Dunham.
Saturday - 10:30am - 35:36 (5 miles) - medium - Salem, Methuen (roads) - solo.
Sunday - 10:00am - 24:00 w/up over 5k course + strides and additional running around w/ Joe Dunn + Race Redhook 5K (1st - 15:32) + cooldown over 5k course w/ Joe Dunn.
7:00pm - 4 mile shakeout - Salem, Methuen (solo). (Total - 14)

Approx. mileage for the week....~ 80

Weekly Training for 05/12/08 - 05/18/08 - Total: 66 Miles

Forgot to add this last week....

Monday - 4:00pm - 1:19:30 (11.5 miles) - super easy - Salem, Methuen, Pelham (roads) - solo. Threw out back earlier in the day. Barely got through this one.
Tuesday - 4:30pm - 70:30 (10 miles) - medium - Andover (roads and trails) - with Matt Pimentel.
Wednesday - 6:00pm - 2:01:50 (17.5 miles) - medium - Salem, Methuen, N. Salem (roads) - solo.
Thursday - 12:00pm - 58:16 (8 miles) - easy - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo.
Friday - 3:30pm - 57:07 (8 miles) - easy/medium with 8x20sec on/off over last mile - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo.
Saturday - 7:30am - 32 min w/up + 5k race - Wakefield Pride Day 5k - Wakefield NH (1st -16:05) + 25 min c/down w/ Max Thomas - Total - 11
Sunday - off.

Approx. mileage for the week....~ 66

Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Wakefield Pride Day 5k

Today I ran the 8th Annual Wakefield Pride Day 5K (results) race up in Wakefield NH. This was cool to do (even if there was only really 1 other competitive runner there). I spent a great deal of my youth up in Wakefield at my parents' lake house and try to spend at least a few weekends a year there now. Its a really small town of about 4000 people (although area-wise it is about 44 square miles) that sits in the lakes region of NH in Carroll county, along the Maine border. Each year, right before Memorial Day weekend, they hold Wakefield Pride Day and have a parade, art show, and streetside activities along the main street that runs through the village of Sanbornville. The 5K usually draws a pretty small crowd of mostly walkers and local kids. The course IS certified however (NH01001WN), and is pretty rolly, with much of the first 1.5 uphill. It's an out-and-back with a complete 180 turnaround in the middle of a street, which is somewhat bizarre and definitely breaks up your stride a bit. First place prize was 2 free rounds of golf (for 2) at the Province Lake Country Club in adjacent Parsonsfield, ME, which didn't do me too much good due to the fact that 1) My father is a longtime club member already, and the webmaster for their website, and 2) I don't golf. All in all though, it was a fun morning, the weather was cooperative and it cleared up completely during my cooldown. I got to cooldown with 2nd place finisher Max Thomas from Wolfboro NH (Kingswood H.S. / White Mountain Milers) who is also running Mt. Washington in 25 days...

As always, the lovely and talented Kristin was 'johnny on the spot' with the camera and took a few photos here...

Mile 1: 4:54...rolling hills but working with Max who took it out hard
Mile 2: 5:12 (10:06) ...hills
Mile 3: 5:03 (15:09) ...coming back down...
.1: 55 (16:05).

Needless to say, the end was slightly uphill and a little 'suspect' with that 55 seconds (as I was sprinting in) may have been a tad long.

Wakefield Pride Day 5K over the years:

2008 - Me - M31 - 16:05 - Total field: 84
2007 - Jack Collopy - M13 - 18:14 - Total Field: 60
2006 - Jack Collopy - M12 - 19:32 - Total Field: 73
2005 - ???????
2004 - Lou Ruggiero - M55 - 18:53 - Total Field: 51
2003 - Jesse Howes - M22 - 18:00 - Total Field: 32
2002 - Randy Bartlett - M46 - 18:46 - Total Field: 50
2001 - Nick Soverel - M19 - 17:14 - Total Field: 117

Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 Medical Center 6K

Sunday was the 2008 USATF-New England 6K Championships at the Medical Center 6K (results) in Nashua, NH. This course was moderately hilly and wound up through some neighborhoods in the center of Nashua with constant twists and turns that definately made for an interesting race (including a slightly uphill finish).

Prior to today, the overall NH (resident) State Record was 19:22 set on 1/1/2004 by Tom Doddy, Age 42, at this very race. This looks to be (possibly) the only 6k run in the state and this is the first time this race was selected as a USATF-Grand Prix Championship. Every age category record for this distance from ages 6-76 was set at this race. Needless to say the course and state records fell today, as the top 24 runners all broke the prior mark of 19:22. My 19:06 moves me into 3rd place all-time in New Hampshire (for NH resident) at the distance, and first for a runner at age 31. NH residents ahead of me today were Pelham's Casey Moulton (Retailers United & 2008 US Olympic Men's Marathon Trials Qualifier) and Keene's Wilson Perez (BAA).

Once again wearing an MVS singlet (after a few years with New Balance Boston) was longtime teammate and former UML stud Brad Klinedinst. Brad ran a strong and smooth race and was the lead MVS runner throughout, filling the shoes of Dan 'the man' Vassallo, who is resting after his 2:25 effort at last month's Boston Marathon. Overall, our Open Men's team once again finished 4th overall in a great team effort, and put all 5 guys across the line with a spread of only 1:29.

Team Info:

MVS Open Men finished 4th overall:

19:00 19:06 19:21 19:24 20:29 ( 20:45) ( 21:37) = 1:37:20
Bradford Klinedinst, Jim Johnson, Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, Lars
Bjune, Todd Lagimonier, Steven Lecours

MVS Open Women finished 1st overall:

21:18 21:26 22:35 22:58 23:25 ( 24:42) ( 24:56) = 1:51:42
Caroline Bjune, Kara Haas, Amy Haas, Holly Madden, Tina Dowling,
Patricia Daolconzo, Marsha Hogan

My Info:

17th overall - 19:06 (5:08 pace)

6K Splits:

Mile 1: 4:57.56
Mile 2: 5:18.75 (10:16.31)
Mile 3: 5:08.20 (15:24.51)
.73: 3:40.55 (19:05.06)

Kristin took some nice shots today although had some technical difficulties w/ the camera as Brad and then yours truly came up to the finish, so unfortunately no good shots of us, but there are plenty of good pictures of other Striders and runners. See the pictures here.

Photo above, courtesy of Jim Rhoades.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Training - 05/05/08 - 05/11/08

Weekly Training for 05/05/08 - 05/11/08 - Total: 60 Miles

Took a day off this week and didn't do much of a workout other than a tempo run on Friday with some intensity on the hills. My hamstrings have been giving me problems on longer runs and anything 7-8+ for that matter. I've paid close attention over the past 10 or so days and have been keeping on top of my hydration, supplements, stretching, and ice-Epsom baths. I think the key to avoiding a serious injury at this point has been taking it easy and backing off the intensity. For this week, and going forward, I am going to incorporate more doubles to achieve my goal mileage, rather that trying to do it all in singles.

Monday - 4:00pm - 55:09 (8 miles) - medium - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo.
Tuesday - 1:00pm - 81:30 (12 miles) - medium/easy - Salem, Methuen, Pelham (roads) - solo.
Wednesday - off - resting hamstrings, hips, and calf.
Thursday - 12:30pm - 63:00 (9 miles) - medium - N. Salem (roads) - solo.
Friday - 4:00pm - 1:11:48 (11.2 miles) - tempo - Salem, Methuen, Pelham (roads/hills) - solo.
Saturday - 3:00pm - 57:35 (8 miles) - easy - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo.
Sunday - 8:30am - 23:00 w/up + 6K Race - USATF-NE GP - Medical Center 6K (19:06) + 30:00 c/dwn - Total - (11 miles)

Approx. mileage for the week....~ 60

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fishing Report - 05/09/08

Fishing Report - 05/09/08

Lakes bagged this week: (3)
- Canobie Lake - Salem/Windham NH
- Arlington Mill Reservoir - N. Salem
- Crystal Lake - Manchester NH

Lakes bonked this week: (1)
- Plug Pond - Haverhill MA

Fish caught: (9) Bass: 9

Video of Chico reeling in his first Larry of the season (Arlington Mill):

Crystal Lake - Manchester, NH
Info - Pond Map

I took my first trip of the year out to Crystal Lake in Manchester NH. This is a small and quiet 21 acre pond that is loaded with nice bass. This is my third season fishing this lake. About 3/4 of the shoreline is residential and there is a nice large town beach at the north end, with ample parking and plenty of space to launch a cartop boat or canoe/kayak. They do allow motor boats on this tiny pond, but there is no public access for trailered boats. I landed 4 largemouth bass here in about 2 hours (which was the slowest session we've had out here in 3 years...but still a tad early). My neighbor caught 6 nice largemouth.

View Larger Map

Arlington Mill - North Salem, NH
Info - Pond Map

I made my first trip over to Arlington Mill Reservoir this year and was pleased to pull in a few smaller largemouth bass in a couple coves on the north west tip of the lake. Chico and I had some decent action for this time of year and caught a half dozen between the two of us in about 2 hours. The trick with this lake (having no public access for trailer or even cartop boats) is to find the cemetary off of Mill Pond Rd. at the northwest tip of the lake. The cemetary has a dirt parking lot for about 6 - 8 vehicles (although the surrounding roads were being paved this week and all the spots were taken up by gravel and work vehicles). There is a guardrail that blocks the shoreline from the road, but canoes and kayaks can be easily lifted up and over. There are local tournaments here every Tuesday night for 5 bucks at the marina off of Mill Pond Rd. (about a half mile down from where we put the kayaks in).

View Larger Map

Chico in my Cobra Fish n' Dive - Arlington Mill - N.Salem NH

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Training - 04/28/08 - 05/04/08

Weekly Training for 04/28/08 - 05/04/08 - Total: 74 Miles

Moderate mileage this week as I tend to a sore couple of hamstrings (good thing I only have 2)... My workout on Wednesday was borderline disastrous. I had to go down to the office which forced me to go out solo for the workout. I found a decent batch of back roads in Wellesley and Weston, and managed to do a few loops around Norumbega Reservoir on a gravel utility road. The hamstrings just wouldn't fully cooperate and I was forced to stop and stretch between my last set of quarters. I took it really easy on Thursday and Friday (Friday's run being my slowest run in a long time) and then sucked it up with an ice bath and Epsom salt soak before bed.

[Race Report]

Saturday took me up to Portsmouth, NH for the first time this season for the Children's Museum of Portsmouth 5k (results). This was the first race in the 2008 Seacoast Road Race Series and it was definitely a success as far as turnout goes. Last year's race (which wasn't part of the series) drew 357 people. This year that total swelled to 812 (and the race organizers were unfortunately not ready for that big of a field). I got there early (7:45am) and registered without any sort of line anywhere. 30 minutes later it was a complete madhouse. The streets around Strawberry Banke were filled with people looking to register and people looking for someplace to go to the bathroom. The bathroom situation was horrible. 2 bathrooms for 812 people + a TON of race volunteers. At race time, 9am, there was still 50+ people (easy) waiting in line to register for the race. They delayed the start about 15-20 minutes to allow for as many people as they could to be registered and down to the starting line. Needless to say, I ran around aimlessly looking for a side alley, bush, or rogue construction outhouse to use but to no avail. I got on the line and ran the race while needing to use the bathroom (7 on a scale from 1-10). The pain and discomfort went away during the race thank god. Registration and facility-issues aside though, the race was pretty well organized (volunteer and course-wise). The course was a straightforward 'out and back' and overlapped some of the Market Square/Eastern States/Harbour Trail courses. There were also a couple of rolling hills (enough to make the course substantially slower than the Concord course). Last year's winner, Sam Wood (Keene St. Soph), went out really fast and hung on for the win again this year. He led from start to finish and I never really got any closer than about 9-10 seconds back. I ran in a pack of about 5-6 runners for the first mile and then started to pull away over mile 2. I finished with a 15:56 (5:08 pace) for 2nd place overall and took home 6 Maine lobsters for my troubles. Lobsters were given to the first three overall (10 for 1st, 6 for 2nd, and 4 for 3rd) and for each age group winner (2 lobsters). Kristin sat this one out due to the weather, but did catch me in a brief pose with two of my winnings (before I ate them). They were delicious :). View race writeup here (they have my town as 'Raymond' in the writeup but I fixed that with the Granite State people after the race).

Splits: 5:13/5:08/5:03 - 15:56.

Monday - 3:26pm - 57 min (8 miles) - Andover (roads & trails) with Dave Dunham, Dan Verrington (rain).
Tuesday - 4:30pm - 1:40:00 (13.5 miles) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill, Atkinson (roads) - solo in the pouring rain.
Wednesday - 4:30pm - Workout (solo) - 22 min w/up + 4x 20 sec on/40 sec off + 37 sec on + 60 sec off + 4 x 2:30 on /75 sec off + 60 sec jog + 82 sec on + 60 sec rest + 16 minutes at 80/81 (5:20-5:25 pace) - + 6 x 72 sec on / 75 off + 14 min cooldown - Newton, Wellesley, Weston - 1:31:00 total workout time - Total 13 miles.
Thursday - 4:30pm - 60 min (8 miles) easy - Merrimack River Trails - Andover (trails) w/ Matt Pimentel.
Friday - 4:00pm - 60 min (8 miles) easy - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) solo.
Saturday - 4+ miles warm up with Dan Verrington over Portsmouth 5k course, then running around to try to find a bathroom + 5k race (2nd overall - 15:56) + cooldown over the course again w/ Dan Verrington and Anthony Balakier. (Total - 10)
Sunday - 4:00pm - 1:40:50 (13.5 miles) easy - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill, Atkinson (roads) - solo.

Approx. mileage for the week....~ 74