Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Training - 04/07/08 - 04/13/08

Weekly Training for 04/07/08 - 04/13/08 - Total: 78 Miles

This week... Miles run = 78. Sports played: 3 (running, baseball, roller hockey) Miles flown -~3000 + . Weddings Attended: 1 (Congratulations Kevin and Julie!).

This week was loaded with nice trail runs as the weather slowly starts to cooperate. I ended the week with what was supposed to be a long run on Sunday, but because of my 7am flight out to San Jose for the Adobe Wintech Summit (some quick photos I took here), I didn't get in until about 12 in the afternoon (PST) and was pretty tired to say the least. Despite the 90 degree temperatures and zero wind, I went for a run over at Santa Teresa County Park, which was only about 2 miles from my hotel. This was probably the best trail running I've ever done. It was extremely hot and hilly, but absolutely fantastic trails and amazing views of Silicon Valley. The mountain lion and wild pig warning signs weren't quite enough deterrent to keep me out, but it was in the back of my mind just about the whole time.

Monday - 5:30pm - 8 miles (58 min) - medium - N. Andover (trails) - with Matt Pimentel and Molly Taber.
Tuesday - 5:30pm - 10 miles (70 min) - medium/easy - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo. Had to stop a few times to stretch left calf.
Wednesday - 12:00pm - 6 miles - (44:30) - medium/easy - Salem, Methuen (roads) - solo shakout. 6:00pm - 11 miles - (77:00) - medium - Andover (Harold Parker trails) - with Jon Healey and Matt Pimentel. - Total 17 miles for the day +45 minutes of throwing the baseball around with Matt (cross training).
Thursday - 5:30pm - Trackworkout - 25 min w/up (trails) + 6x400m @78-80 w/ 100m jog rest + 10 min easy (track) + 6x400m @72-75 w/ 200m jog rest + 10 min easy (track) + 8x200m @31-34 w/ 200m jog rest + 18 min c/dwn (roads) - Lawrence Tech H.S. - w/ Jon Healey. - Total - 14.5.
Friday - 3:30pm - 8.0 miles - easy (60 min) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) - solo.
Saturday - 11:30am - 8.5 miles - medium/hard (60 min) - Wakefield/Saugus - Breakheart Reservation (trails) + 60 minute skate in EMRHL @ Hockeytown.
Sunday - 1:30pm (PST) - 12 miles (85 min) - San Jose, CA (Santa Teresa County Park) roads and trails (hilly). Solo. 85 - 90 degree heat.

Approx. mileage for the week....~ 78

Check out a really cool Eagle Tribune article about MVS's own Molly Taber and Caroline Bjune who will be running the US Olympic Marathon Trials this coming weekend in Boston.

Also, pictures from Kevin Andriolo's wedding are now up on my flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fountainxix/sets/72157604557200263/

The wedding was at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, NH. It was an absolutely beautiful place to have a ceremony and reception. Judge Michael Jones was the JP which made for a really cool ceremony. My longtime friend and former UML teammate Joe Dunn was the best man and gave one of the best 'best-man' speaches I've heard. Pictures (as usual) by Ms. Kristin (more on the flickr site).

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