Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Training - 03-03-08 - 03-09-08

Weekly Training for 03/03/08 - 03/09/08- Total: ~ 73 miles (6 days).

Miles could have been better this week, but I ran into some major calf/hamstring/sickness issues. Running at altitude (7000 ft) up in Flagstaff, Arizona provided some interesting runs over the weekend. Matt and I went down to Flagstaff and Sedona from Thursday night until Monday night to run with Molly Taber as she trains for the 2008 US Olympic Trials this April. We were supposed to stay until this Friday, but we ended up calling it quits after the weekend due to many factors including borderline altitude sickness I experienced from pretty much day 1. I had horrendous stomach issues and headaches for essentially the entire trip. Matt was also feeling under the weather and we decided to come back 5 days early to heal up before New Bedford this coming Sunday. The highlight of the trip was the long run (16 miles - 1:46 - 6:37 pace) on Sunday down in Sedona (4000 ft) with the Mcmillian Elite guys (including Martin Fagan), some Indiana Elite guys, and US Olympic Trial qualifiers Desiree Ficker (bio), and Peter Gilmore. For a taste of what the long run in Sedona looks like, check out the video here. This is exactly the ride we took and the place we ran.

Pictures from the trip:

Monday - 5:00pm - (1:08) - medium - 10 miles - Methuen, Haverhill (roads) with Matt Pimentel , Kevin Alliette, and Rob Duffy.
Tuesday - 4:30pm - (1:08) - easy - 9 miles - Andover, Tewksbury (roads) with Matt Pimentel - raining.
Wednesday - 33 min warmup + 14x400 meters as 400 slightly uphill @ 77-78 w/ 30 sec. rest then 400 slightly downhill at 71-72 into a nasty headwind. Effort was much harder than 71-72s. + 10 min cooldown when my calf snapped on me again. Could be big trouble. Total - 9.
Thursday - No running - travel day. Calf KILLING me. Massaged it on the plane out to Flagstaff, AZ.
Friday - 4:00pm - 1:20 - easy (11 miles) - Flagstaff, AZ - (dirt roads / trails) with Matt Pimentel and the Lama.
Saturday - 12:30pm - 75 minutes - medium (11 miles) - Flagstaff, AZ - (dirt roads) with Matt Pimentel and the Lama - Into a very strong headwind over the last half of the run. 6:00pm - 50 minutes - medium (7 miles) with Matt Pimentel and the Lama .
Sunday - 9:00am - 1:46 - (16 miles) medium/hard effort - Sedona, AZ - (dirt roads) with Matt Pimentel, the Lama , Mcmillan Elite guys, Indiana Elite guys, Pete Gilmore, Desiree Ficker (website), and others.

Approx. mileage for the week....~ 73 miles (6 days)


  1. I have no idea how you transferred over all your blogs, but good job!

  2. It wasn't easy! It also took me about 7 hours... Your blog layout inspired me...ok ok... I admit...I copied it...but its all good.