Monday, March 17, 2008

2008 New Bedford Half Marathon

First attempt at a half marathon this weekend at the 31st Annual New Bedford Half Marathon (results). This couldn't have come at a worse time for me. I have been suffering with severe calf sprain/pain for the past week and a half, as well as a touch of a cold (of which I am still in denial). It affected my trip to Arizona where not only did I have to put up with the calf issues, but I was also pretty sick (stomach and headaches) for the entire time. I also had a couple of travel days this week in which I didn't run. It all added up to a pretty awful debut at the distance for me. Too many excuses I know (somebody call the waahmbulance for me), but I really was not prepared for this at all. I am glad however, that I got it done. This time last year, I got the same calf issue and had to pull out of New Bedford right after I pre-registered for it. I then had to take more than a week off to heal. This year, I struggled through it, but was able to finish in the top 5 for the MVS men's open team which actually finished 4th overall in the Grand Prix standings. The course has 3 hills (2 major ones) and a 2-3 mile stretch down by the water near the end, that is just a complete windtunnel (with all the wind blowing in off the ocean). The last mile is all up hill for the most part. This all made for pretty entertaining time on a crummy, cold day, over a less than scenic half marathon course.

Dan 'the man' Vassallo finished 7th overall with a great 1:09:08. Of course, knowing Dan, nothing short of a win will make that kid happy...but he is my idol for this week for sure. Matt 'I only run on odd days' Pimentel ran a super-strong 1:10:22 for 18th overall. Jon Healey ran a very solid 1:11:32 for 29th overall. I ran a horrendously mediocre 1:13:50 for 57th overall, and rounding out the scoring was the ever reliable Todd Lagimonier who ran 1:17:02 for 102nd overall, after coming back this past fall from an extended layoff from running.

On the women's side, The Lama (Molly Taber) ran a great PR with her 1:17:16 and placed as the 5th women overall. Caroline Bjune also ran very well with a great new PR of 1:17:55 for 6th woman overall. Crystal Sineath rounded out the scoring for the women's open team by running in 8th place overall for the women with a really fast PR 1:19:17. The women's open team finished 2nd overall, right behind BAA. This was a really great effort for the MVS women who could be the team to beat this year in the USATF-NE Grand Prix.

Much thanks to my longtime best bud David Nickerson (aka DJ Nuggets) who braved the cold to go down there with us and take photos in the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Smith and the lovely and talented Kristin, who has been home battling the worst case of the flu I have ever seen. Dave tried diligently to capture all MVS runners, but of course there will be a few who didn't make the cut (sorry finishing evidence of you exists other than the scoresheet....I swear I didn't tell him to deliberately miss you must have ran too fast for the camera). There are close to 400 pictures in total, so I split them up into 5 sets... I linked them below with only the regular set version as the slideshows from Flickr are performing horribly as of late. Enjoy.

2008 New Bedford Half Marathon - Start (View set)

2008 New Bedford Half Marathon - MVS & top overall finishers Set 1 (View set)
- Striders in this set: Dan Vassallo, Jim Johnson

2008 New Bedford Half Marathon - MVS finishers Set 2 (View set)
- Striders in this set: Todd Lagimonier, Molly Taber, Matthew Sullivan, Caroline Bjune, Lars Bjune, Steve Seide, Phil Cootey, Tina Dowling, Holly Madden, Tom Kinneman, Michael Teixeira

2008 New Bedford Half Marathon - MVS finishers Set 3 (View set)
- Striders in this set: Paul Cyr, Larissa Bifano, Jason Kramer, David Dargie, Kelly Lecours, Chris Chetsas, Glenn Simm, Marsha Hogan, Robert Rivard, Deb Sakr, Dan Hill, Karen Deroma, Stephanie Hirst, Marielle Yost, Sarah Prescott, Cristina Winsor, Rich Grobecker, Dave Leonard

2008 New Bedford Half Marathon - MVS finishers Set 4 (View set)
- Striders in this set: Chris Cormier, Charlie Farrington, Ann Domigan, John Adams, Jen Popowicz, Tom Licciardello, Sydney Walsh, Leo St. Louis, Kelly Cenca, Judy Silva, Mark Reeves, Chuck Batchelder, Sarah Hardy, Renee Cammarata, Denise Illsley, Amanda Truesdale, George Tournas, Martha O'Brien, Jane Madore

My really mediocre half marathon splits:

1 Mile: 5:24
2 Mile: 10:51 (5:27)
3 Mile: 16:17 (5:25)
4 Mile: 21:48 (5:31)
5 Mile: 27:07 (5:19)
6 Mile: 32:32 (5:24)
7 Mile: 38:00 (5:28)
8 Mile: 43:29 (5:28)
9 Mile: 49:19 (5:50)
10 Mile: 55:20 (6:00)
11 Mile: 1:01:20 (6:00)
12 Mile: 1:07:21 (6:00)
13.1 Mile: 1:13:49 (6:27)

Total Time: 1:13:49 - pace: 5:38 per mile.

I will now take the next couple of weeks to decide on the Eastern States 20 Miler or Run to the Border Half Marathon. I may just do that as a tempo run and see how it goes. All-in-all, very mixed bag this weekend... I am pretty sure I am 1:11 material at the current fitness level...I'll have to work on the last 4-5 miles of this distance and work on some strength building for these in the future.

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  1. Not that we were expecting it, but we got some prize money ($150) for the team placing

    USATF NE Team Prize Structure
    Placement Men Women
    1st $500.00 $500.00
    2nd $300.00 $300.00
    3rd $200.00 $200.00
    4th $150.00 $150.00
    5th $100.00 $100.00
    6th $ 50.00 $ 50.00