Monday, March 31, 2008

2008 Eastern States 20 Miler

Sunday I dippped my hand further into the realm of longer races (which I'm still not particularly convinced I like)... I decided on Saturday night to forget about the Run to the Border half-marathon and run the Eastern States 20 Miler (results) / (News Artcle) instead. I'm happy I decided to go with that for the sheer fact that I can say I ran through 3 states...The weather was perfect (maybe a little too warm for the way I was dressed)... There was very little wind, and though slightly rolly, there are no hills that will kill you on this course....So I really have no excuse as to why the 5 guys who beat me, destroyed me, other than to say that I dogged the last few miles and really shut it down over the last 6 or so...This is my ongoing problem in races....I go out a little too aggressive, feel good, but then shut it down when I start to feel the race getting interesting. That is separating me from running good times right now for sure. I ended up with 6th place overall and 1:57:39 (5:53 per mile pace). My goal because of how the last week of training went and how I felt over the weekend, was to just run under I'd consider this an 'ok' effort, which is what matters...It was also fun to run down the entire NH seacoast, over the span of 6 towns and 3 states... a very enjoyable race for sure. Another plus was the fact that I got to see my former high school coach, John Dicomandrea, who was running the half marathon that went over the same course, but left Rye, NH (7 miles ahead of the Kittery, ME start)...I said hi as I went by him (somewhere around mile 13-14 or so...not quite sure) and he surprisingly yelled to me exactly what place I was in, in the 20 miler...'good job kid...5th or 6th right there!'...he's still as sharp as ever and still chugging along at 80 years young. He finished his half in 2:20:32 (10:44 pace) and won his age group (70-99) handily by nearly 4 minutes over a 73-year old kid from Brookline. You can actually see him finish right at the end of the video from the results.

Again, much thanks to the insanely beautiful and dedicated Kristin for snapping some shots at the start and nearly making the finish. Because of the complicated setup of the course, and the attempt to bypass route 1A to get around the runners, Kristin got slightly lost coming back down to the finish and only was able to get a few shots near the end of the race in Seabrook/Salisbury. I love her anyways. :) Also, special thanks to that Salisbury police officer who not only let me use his cell phone to call her, but also let me sit in the back of the police car after my race, to warm up while I waited. It may have looked to passers-by, like some dude from MVS was being busted, but I was just getting warm...I swear!

The damage below:

Mile 1: 5:45
Mile 2: 5:35 (11:20)
Mile 3: 5:35 (16:55)
Mile 4: 5:36 (22:32)
Mile 5: 5:37 (28:10)
Mile 6: 5:42 (33:52)
Mile 7: 5:46 (39:38)
Mile 8: 5:47 (45:25)
Mile 9: 5:48 (51:14)
Mile 10: 6:01 (57:16)
Mile 11: 5:47 (1:03:04)
Mile 12: 5:59 (1:09:03)
Mile 13: 5:59 (1:15:02)
Mile 14: 5:52 (1:20:55)...ok, here comes the wall...
Mile 15: 6:07 (1:27:03)
Mile 16: 6:03 (1:33:06)
Mile 17: 6:12 (1:39:18)...enjoying the scenery...
Mile 18: 6:12 (1:45:31)...enjoying the scenery...
Mile 19: 6:12 (1:51:44)...enjoying the scenery...
Mile 20: 5:53 (1:57:37)...could smell the finish line...

I think now...a week or so off from racing... then start in on the spring time fun...

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  1. Hey- good to hear from you- I needed that. I'm in the hole! It sucks. Im working on Jay with his blog- I think he will :-) Nice work on your race- I dont know whats more impressive- the fact that you jumped up to a 20 miler, or the fact that Kristen took pictures the entire time!!!!! lol- thats true love.