Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 USATF - New England Indoor Track Championships

Sunday saw probably my last indoor race of the 2007-2008 season, when I ran the 5000 Meters at the USATF-New England Indoor Track Championships(results) at Harvard. It was my 3rd 5k attempt this year and I kinda went out with a fizzle. I felt ok through the first mile (4:50), then fell asleep during mile 2, and tried to salvage during mile 3. I got the splits from Fernando, but they are too depressing to write about... 15:21.19 officially but that was also a mistake. It was closer to 15:30 flat. No clue where they got 15:21 from. What is interesting is that they got all the places correct, and the times do correspond to the runners directly in front and behind me, so there was a clock issue for sure.

Jon Healey decided to also join me in the fun and run the 5k. All photos as usual by the lovely, talented, and extraordinarily gorgeous Kristin. Appologies for not getting everyone's races on film, but we had to run after the Men's mile heats...

Other Striders braving the competition included:


5000 Meters: [photos from our heat]

James Johnson 15:21.19
Jon Healey 15:46.36

Mile: [photos from this heat]

Alex Gomes 4:41.39
John Lawrence 4:42.40
Chris Lawrence 4:49.69
Sean Ouelette 4:51.69

Janos Mako 5:12.66 [photos from Janos' heat]

800 Meters:

Jordan Hoofnagle 2:13.01



Julie Hanover 5:42.23 [photos from Julie's heat]

Linda Jennings 6:51.18 ( First Senior) [photos from Linda's heat]

800 Meters:

Ann Kingsland 2:46.30

400 Meters:

Julie Hanover 1:10.11

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