Sunday, December 30, 2007

Training - 12-24-07 to 12-30-07

Weekly Training for 12/24/07 - 12/30/07- Total: 70.9 miles (six days).

The weekly wrap-up sees the base building continue.... Struggling through some things at the moment (not running related)...For the most part, the legs are cooperating. Experienced some hamstring issues and calf tightness midweek, but nothing enough to stop the progression. Also [insert the weekly weather b*tch here]. Lastly, I'm sick as a dog (as I think most people I know are at this point...). For the second straight week, I cheesed out on my double and ran only once on Saturday after experiencing some pretty sharp pain in my calf on Friday night's run. The pain returned right at the end of my long run on Sunday, but not enough to be overly concerned about it at this point. Another week down and one more week closer to Spring...

Monday - 7:30am - 86 minutes (~ 11.3 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover (roads) with Jack Mulligan and Nina Caron. Relatively warm out for a change...
Tuesday - Christmas gift from Fernando was the day off today. (0 miles)
Wednesday - 4pm - 85 minutes medium (12.5 miles) in Andover, N. Andover with Matt Pimentel.
Thursday - 12pm - 10 miles (65 min) in Wakefield with Matt Pimentel. Rainy and miserable.
Friday - 6pm - 90 min (12.5 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover with Matt Pimentel.
Saturday - 1:30pm - (8.1 miles) 54:53[route] in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) solo.
Sunday - 4:30pm (16.5 miles) 1:53:08 (6:51 pace) in Wakefield solo.

Approx. mileage for the week...(~70.9 miles) in six days.

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