Sunday, December 30, 2007

Training - 12-24-07 to 12-30-07

Weekly Training for 12/24/07 - 12/30/07- Total: 70.9 miles (six days).

The weekly wrap-up sees the base building continue.... Struggling through some things at the moment (not running related)...For the most part, the legs are cooperating. Experienced some hamstring issues and calf tightness midweek, but nothing enough to stop the progression. Also [insert the weekly weather b*tch here]. Lastly, I'm sick as a dog (as I think most people I know are at this point...). For the second straight week, I cheesed out on my double and ran only once on Saturday after experiencing some pretty sharp pain in my calf on Friday night's run. The pain returned right at the end of my long run on Sunday, but not enough to be overly concerned about it at this point. Another week down and one more week closer to Spring...

Monday - 7:30am - 86 minutes (~ 11.3 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover (roads) with Jack Mulligan and Nina Caron. Relatively warm out for a change...
Tuesday - Christmas gift from Fernando was the day off today. (0 miles)
Wednesday - 4pm - 85 minutes medium (12.5 miles) in Andover, N. Andover with Matt Pimentel.
Thursday - 12pm - 10 miles (65 min) in Wakefield with Matt Pimentel. Rainy and miserable.
Friday - 6pm - 90 min (12.5 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover with Matt Pimentel.
Saturday - 1:30pm - (8.1 miles) 54:53[route] in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) solo.
Sunday - 4:30pm (16.5 miles) 1:53:08 (6:51 pace) in Wakefield solo.

Approx. mileage for the week...(~70.9 miles) in six days.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Training - 12-17-07 to 12-23-07

Weekly Training for 12/17/07 - 12/23/07- Total: 82.4 miles.

The base building continues....This could have (and should have) been my week of 90+ miles. I cheesed out on Saturday because I was feeling 'under the weather' and coincidentally, the weather was crap. I was scheduled to do two runs of 75 and 55 minutes on Sat. but opted for one. Running 80 minutes indoor on Tuesday and treadmilling on Thursday probably did more harm than good. I wish I had realistic access to a pool or indoor facility... I have no idea how people do this on a usual basis. I need to be outside... To say the weather was fairly uncooperative this week would be an understatement. The cold temperatures have taken a backseat to the bigger annoyance of not having any room on the sides of roads to run.

Monday - 6pm - 85 minutes (~ 11.1 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover (roads) with Molly Taber and Dan Vassallo then 6x15 second strides at end of run.
Tuesday - 6pm - 82 minutes (12 miles) in Andover (Andover H.S. indoor track) with Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, and Judge Jones.
Wednesday - 12:30pm - 75 minutes (~10.8 miles) [route] in Newton, MA (roads) solo.
Thursday - 6pm - 90 minutes (12.9 miles) in N. Andover (on my sister's treadmill) solo (obviously).
Friday - 4pm - 75 minutes easy (9.5 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover with Jon Healey.
Saturday - 4pm - 60 minutes (8 miles) [route] in Salem NH, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) solo.
Sunday - 8am - 2:00 hrs easy (16.1 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover with Dan Vassallo, Jack Mulligan, Mike Masse.

Approx. mileage for the week...82.4. Some tightness under my right knee but other than that, I have no valid excuses this week.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Training - 12-10-07 to 12-16-07

Weekly Training for 12/10/07 - 12/16/07- Total: 73 miles.

It was a pretty harsh week of training, weather-wise, with 2 big snowstorms hitting New England. I got to run inside briefly on Tuesday night, but the rest of the week was all outside in the snow, ice, and chilly December air. I really need to think about getting a new treadmill, especially for the stormy days like Thursday and Sunday. Saturday's workout went really well considering the conditions.

Monday - 6pm - 80 minutes in Andover, N. Andover (roads) w/ Matt Pimentel and Dan Vassallo.
Tuesday - 6:30pm - 80 minutes in Andover (roads & track) as 30 regular + 40 min at 6:30 pace or faster + 10 min w/ Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, Judge Jones, and Mike Masse - last 10 minutes on the indoor track at Andover High School.
Wednesday - 6pm - 65 minutes in Andover, N. Andover (roads) w/ Molly Taber and Matt Pimentel.
Thursday - 4:30pm - 60 minutes in Salem, NH (roads, if that's what you can call them) solo. Ran in the middle of a big snowstorm. Was supposed to do a tempo run tonight but that was impossible. Roads were completely iced and snowed over.
Friday - 6pm - 60 minutes in Andover, N. Andover (roads) w/ Matt Pimentel and Molly Taber. Was scheduled to do 75-80 but cut it short due to the icey roads and in anticipation of Saturday's long tempo run.
Saturday - 8:30am - 16 miles in Lynnfield (roads) as 5 miles easy warmup + 10 mile tempo @ 60:34 (6:03 pace) + 1 mile cooldown - all over 5 mile loop with Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, Crystal Sineath, Molly Taber, Kara Haas.
Sunday - 4pm - 60 minutes - Salem, NH (in the snow) - solo.

Approx. mileage for the week (tough to really judge these winter runs) was about 73

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Training - 12-03-07 to 12-09-07

Weekly Training for 12/03/07 - 12/09/07- Total: 75 miles.

A good week of base mileage after Mill Cities. My Saturday and Sunday runs were very tough because I was really sore from skating Saturday morning (big mistake). The weather outside was frightful...very cold mornings and evenings. Running with teammates this time of year really does help get these longer runs done. With the outdoor winter workout sessions starting back up in January, this month will be chock-full of base mileage. I opted out of the Assault on Mt. Hood this week and continued on with my base training.

Monday - 5pm - 75 minutes in Andover (roads) w/ Molly Taber and Matt Pimentel
Tuesday - 6pm - 80 minutes in Andover (roads & track) w/ Molly Taber and Matt Pimentel - last 2 miles on the indoor track at Andover High School.
Wednesday - 5:30pm - 60 minutes in Andover (roads) w/ Molly Taber, Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, Dan Vassallo - in the snow.
Thursday - 3pm - 75 minutes in Salem, Methuen, Pelham, Methuen, Salem (roads) - solo.
Friday - 6am - 90 minutes in Andover / North Andover w/ Molly (roads)
Saturday - 3pm - 60 minutes easy in Andover w/ Molly Taber. Skated 2 games in the EMRHL earlier in the day (9am and 11am). I haven't done that in to work some muscles I had forgotten all I remember them.
Sunday - 8am - 2 hours in Andover with Molly Taber, Jon Healey, Mike Masse, Lars Bjune, Caroline Bjune, and Kevin Sullivan.

Total time running this week was 9 hours and 20 minutes. Since I have been getting running time instead of miles on my schedule recently, and because we ran so many adhoc loops around Andover/North Andover, I had a hard time trying to calculate total distance run this week . Being very conservative with pace (estimating 7:30 pace because of some slower long runs, and medium paced shorter runs), I would say the total milage was around 75.

Also, with the winter setting in and daylight at a premium, I am finding myself back out on the poorly lit and narrow roads after dark. And with the snowbanks piling up and eliminating valuable sidewalk real estate, I have had far too many 'close calls' while doing my late afternoon, evening, or early morning runs. This week I picked up a reflective running vest and a headlamp to wear while running on the roads this winter. The reflective vest is the L.E.D. Runners Vest from Nathan (purchased at Olympia Sports) and the headlamp is PETZL TacTikka Plus Headlamp which I got at EMS. Both of these are really lightweight and add tremendous visibility to you while running in night time traffic.

Monday, December 3, 2007

2007 Mill Cities Relay

Bricks, bricks everywhere...Pretty soon, MVS will be able to build its own private club headquarters solely out of bricks from the Mill Cities Relay... For the second year in a row, MVS wins the tie-breaker with Winner's Circle Running Club and takes home the overall club championship at the Mill Cities Relays [Results Here].

Despite the frigid temps today (16 degrees in downtown Nashua at that start) and a couple of bad weeks of running since hurting my back after New Englands, I actually ran well at this freakin' thing. Not a misprint. I ran 'ok'....I'm talking 'better-than-mediocre'. There actually may be some progression happening here in December, yes it's true.

After the ceremonial drop of the brick by MVS' own Coach Fernando Braz, the first leg of the race was off. Matt Pimentel (MVS Mixed Open) and I led the way, accompanied by GLRR Men's Open member and recent Olympic Marathon Trial competitor Casey Moulton, and a runner from GCS Triad's Men's Open team. The four of us ran basically together for the entire leg. I slipped back a few seconds between miles 3 and 4, but held my own over this rolly 5.6 mile course from the YMCA in Nashua NH to the Sears Warehouse building in Hudson NH. My 4th and 5th mile were my fastest 2, as I reacted to a move by Casey Moulton, who took the lead for a couple of miles late in the race. Shortly after mile 5, Casey (who was most likely doing this as a light tempo run) dropped back and Matt Pimentel and the GCS Triad runner battled it out for 1st and 2nd place. I passed Casey shortly before the exchange zone and handed off to Lars Bjune in 3rd place, only a few seconds back of the leaders.

Lars (a last second fill-in for a missing man) ran a tremendous 2nd leg (4.75 miles) from Hudson NH to Greater Lowell Tech in Tyngsboro, MA, where he handed off to (again this is NOT a typo) David Hinga. Yes, David an MVS uniform. If you don't believe me, I have proof....

David ran very well over the quick and flat 3rd leg, and handed off to Jon Healey, who had just made it to the transition point at the UMass Lowell boathouse. He unfortunately didn't have sufficient time to warmup or even pin his number on all the way...He was also up against a very good GCS runner, Ben Ndaya from the GLRR, and a 45 second pee-break along the Merrimack. Regardless, Jon ran a great race over the toughest leg of the course and handed off to our youngest member of the team, Mike Masse of St. John's Prep in Danvers, MA. Mike ran a tremendous final leg and held our 3rd place slot secure. Only 1 minute back of our finish, Mike Toomey completed the anchor leg for the MVS Mixed Open team.

As usual, the Claddagh Pub in Lawrence was the site of the finish line and after party (also known as the '6th Leg'). After some grub and some adult beverages, we were presented with the hardware...

My splits for Leg # 1:

Mile 1 - 5:20
Mile 2 - 5:25
Mile 3 - 5:29
Mile 4 - 5:11
Mile 5 - 5:04
last .6 - 3:15

Total 5.6 Miles: 29:48 (5:19 pace)

Because of the confusing nature of the race and the temperatures, the lovely and talented Kristin was not in attendance today to take some pictures. I took what I could and amateur photographer-in-training Mike Masse took some for me as well. I neglected to tell anyone to try to get some of MY leg of the race, hence no photographic evidence that I actually ran yesterday morning, exists.

Check what we have here, plus some of Jon Healey's pictures ...

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Jon Healey's Pictures

...if anyone has any pictures they would like to share, let me know.