Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Amherst XC Festival

This past Sunday I ran up in Amherst NH at the Amherst XC Festival. This was the 6th official race in the USATF New England Cross Country Grand Prix series. The race was on the groomed equestrian courses up at Freestyle Farm. The trails were all relatively well groomed grass and dirt horse paths that circle a 50+ acre pond and wind up into the woods and back down onto the field where it began. The footing was pretty good but the course is definately slow. I don't think I have ever run on a hillier course than this overall since coming back...The hills weren't long per se, but continuous. The course had essentially no flat stretches until the very end. A very beautiful layout and technical course made this a fun race... I look forward to running here again...

Pictures from the day provided by the lovely and talented Kristin.


Men's USATF XC Grand Prix Freestyle Farm Amherst, NH

Team Scores:

SISU 1,2,4,5,6 [18]
GBTC 3,7,8,9,10 [37]


Place Name Team Age Group Time
1 Matthew Clark CMS Open 16:22
2 Matthew Germain SISU Open 16:25
3 Jim Johnson MVS Open 16:29
4 Andy McCarron CMS Open 16:53
5 Ryan Miller SISU Open 16:59
6 J.R. Roberts GBTC Open 17:04
7 Dan Navaroli SISU Open 17:26
8 Mark Reeder GLRR Masters 17:34
9 Bill Arvanitis SISU Open 17:39
10 James Aubuchon SISU Masters 17:40
11 Daniel Smith GBTC Open 17:46
12 Mark Bell BAA Masters 18:04
13 Jeff Rominger GBTC Open 18:13
14 Micheal Brady Unatt Masters 18:32
15 Dan Hall GBTC Open 19:53
16 Janus Maku MVS Masters 20:01
17 Tom Derderian GBTC Seniors 20:41
18 Alex Ashlock Unatt Seniors 25:53
19 John Loring Unatt Veteran 30:38

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