Wednesday, October 10, 2007

8th Annual Jennifer's Run

This past Saturday it was the 8th Annual Jennifer's Run in Lowell, MA. This run is a memorial to Jennifer D'Amour who was killed in a car accicent during May of 1999 (just before our graduation). Jen was a member of our women's cross country and track teams from 1994-1999. This run took over in 1999 for the Alumni race, which used to be held over the Chelmsford H.S. cross country course in early September.

Despite the 85 degree temp, my recent back problems, and my blister-ravished feet, I ran to what I now call my 'second-career PR' of 16:05. This was the fastest time I have run since coming back a year ago. The course isn't exactly fast, but it's not terribly slow. Brad Klinedinst (UML '00 and New Balance Boston) and Kevin Alliette (UML '03 and Whirlaway) ran neck and neck and had a good battle back-and-forth up front (I sat back about 25 seconds and watched this over the entire 5K). Brad ended up making a move on Kevin over the last quarter mile or so, which ended up being a very good strategic move on his part (taking into consideration Kevin's superior overall speed and finishing kick). Brad cruised to a 15:37 and Kevin was 8 seconds back at a cool 15:45. UML redshirt freshman Danny Wang (4:18.95 Mile and 7th place at the 2007 Nike Outdoor Nationals) was third, holding yours truly off by 4 seconds.

Top 12 w/ scoring...yes I know there was no 'official' scoring for Alumni vs UML students...but I thought it would be fun to point out that WE WON 28 to 37!

Place Name Alumni Student Time Pace

1 Brad Klinedinst X 15:37 5:03
2 Kevin Alliette X 15:45 5:05
3 Danny Wang X 16:01 5:10
4 Jim Johnson X 16:05 5:11
5 Jose Ortiz 16:46 5:25
6 Adam Hanley X 17:08 5:32
7 Jason O'Connell X 17:10 5:33
8 Andie Colon 17:14 5:34
9 Brian Beaudoin X 18:22 5:56
10 Steve Walsh X 18:30 5:58
11 Sung-Nam Jo X 18:34 6:00
12 Andriy Danylov X 18:49 6:05

1. Alumni

1 2 4 10 11 = 28 Brad Klinedinst, Kevin Alliette, Jim Johnson, Steve Walsh, Sung-Nam Jo (aka Jason Lavalley, aka Fuji, aka The 'Greaser')

2. Students

3 6 7 9 12 = 37 Danny Wang, Adam Hanley, Jason O'Connell, Brian Beaudoin, Andriy Danylov

Photos of this race can be found at the usual Flickr site and all images were taken by the lovely and talented Kristin! Official full scoring can be found here at Coolrunning.

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