Saturday, September 8, 2007

2007 Ollie Road Race

Today I dove back into the racing thing again with the Ollie 5 Miler. Needless to say that the 90+ degree weather didn't help things, and I blew up quite effectively after 2 miles. My splits were totally off today as well. I know I went through the 2 mile somewhere around 10:30ish and then everything seemed to fall to crap. 2 really slow middle miles and then a slightly faster 5th mile didn't help things today. Very rough time overall. The only comfort was to see that I wasn't alone. There were blowups everywhere. I couldn't get a groove going and for the first time ever in a road race, I actually grabbed water (at every single water stop). I hydrated more in last 48 hours than I usually do, in anticipation of this disaster, and I still broke down. Kristin got some decent pictures again of some MVS folks. Click here for the Flickr set.

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