Sunday, September 23, 2007

2007 Codfish Bowl XC

Saturday it was back to Franklin Park in Boston for my first XC race in 9 years. October, 1998 was the very last time I laced up the spikes on the line at Franklin Park. Although unseasonably warm (about 80ish +), it felt good to be back running on the old course again. This was the 40th running of the Codfish Bowl. The race used to be on our schedule at UML. I ran this race 4 times from 1995-1998. Back then the field was far faster/deeper, but now it seems that the race has fallen out of popularity over the past few years. Only about 90 or so ran this year (with a dozen or so unattached/open runners). Regardless, I used this as a launching pad back into the world of XC running. Though about 2 minutes slower than my typical Franklin Park jaunt back in the day, it was a fun time nonetheless. I got to say a quick hi to Ed Lyons (Bentley coach) briefly and he was his typical witty self, exclaiming immediately that he had seen me 5 or 6 years ago and I had looked like a 'sumo-wrestler' back then....but I looked ok now. Good stuff. Click here for the Flickr set of pictures taken by the lovely and talented Kristin! Next up will be Topsfield and then eventually back to Franklin for the Mayors Cup in October. Still trying to convince Lavalley to come to his senses and sign up...

Codfish over the years:

1995 - Place: 9th - Time: 25:42
1996 - Results lost over time...(comment if you have them...)
1997 - Place: 12th - Time: 25:48
1998 - Place: 6th - Time: 25:29
2007 - Place: 15th - Time: 27:21

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