Wednesday, July 4, 2007

John Carson 4th of July 2 Mile Road Race

Today, I ran in the Annual Sullivan Farms Ice Cream / John Carson 2 Miler in Chelmsford, MA. It was my first time running this relatively fast 2 mile course which I have known about for years...It has become an annual tradition for many of my former UML teammates and their families.

I had been sick for the past couple days and was feeling slightly under the weather at the start, but decided to give it a go anyways. I missed the first mile marker as I was looking around for a sign or clock and missed the huge paited "1" on the road below me.... I must have gone through in just around 5 minutes or slightly under. The first mile started with a downhill, hooked around to a slight uphill, and then turned onto Route 4 where it rolled up and down until the final stretch which has a steady incline up to the finish. The course is an estimated 15 seconds or so slower than a track 2mile (according to reliable sources).

I ended up 17th of 1731 which wasn't TOO bad, although my plan was to go under 10 minutes (based on where I believe my current fitness level is). That was not to be. 10:15 on this perfect day was all I could muster. Next year, i hope to be around 9:30 or so and well within the top 10. Totally doable.

Up front, Patrick Tarpy won the $1000 cash bonus for breaking Darin Shearer's course record (from 2004) of 8:57 by running 8:50 (yes, 8:50) which (if you are doing the math at home) is 4:25 pace. Yikes. Nate Jenkins gave him a run for his money and finished just over 9 minutes.

The lovely and talented Kristin again took a fine batch of pictures here...

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