Sunday, May 20, 2007

2007 USATF NE Grand Prix 12K Championships - Bedford NH

On Saturday, despite the horrible weather, I ran in the 33rd Bedford Rotary Memorial Road Races - USATF-NE 12K Grand Prix Championship

I ran this to basically accomplish 2 things.... 1) To get acclimated to racing again and being in big race situations, which will mentally help me achieve that little mental edge I once had way back in the 90s :)... and 2) To get a good solid workout in, which I definitely did (considering how my legs feel today).... This was my longest 'race' ever (even though I've done 18-20 mile runs in the past, I've never raced over the 10K distance).... So that was comforting to know, that I could handle that distance without much of a shock to the system.

I went out way to fast unfortunately, and had a rough time on the hills during miles 5-7. I went through my first mile in 5:17 and the second in about 5:23 or so (splits were a little off from there because my hands were wet and cold from the weather...I had some difficulties with my watch and the fact that there was no visible 6th and 7th mile marker). I ended up running 43:12 (5:48 pace for 7.46 miles or 12 kilometers)... which wasn't bad considering I was planning on one of 2 scenarios in my head.... Scenario 1: I would cramp up and not finish... Scenario 2: I would run between 5:40 and 5:50 pace. I was just inside scenario 2 and managed to avoid scenario 1, so I'm fairly happy with that. Considering the hilly course and conditions, I feel pretty good about the race overall. I also had a tough week with a nagging hip pain that began on Monday and sidelined me on Thursday after a very tough track workout in the rain on Wednesday night in North Andover...

Other notables in this race... Nate Jenkins broke the course record all by himself, running an absolutely disgusting 36:21 (4:53 pace)... The old record was held by John Mortimer (36:36 in 2004).

MVS GP scorers: TED MACMAHON, LARS BJUNE, JIM JOHNSON, TODD LAGIMONIER, JOHN MULLIGAN, PAUL CYR, JOHN LEE (our current top runner, Jon Healey was sick and missed the race)...

I would also like to point out that 33 of the 55 runners that beat me were all OLDER than me! :)....That makes a newly-turned-30-year-old feel pretty good :) This incredible list of old-schoolers included usual suspects like UML's own Dave Dunham (CMS), Craig Fram (Whirlaway), Dan Verrington (CMS), Paul Hammond (Whirlaway), Scott Anderson (Whirlaway), and 51 year old Norm Larson from Green Mountain Athletic Association.

Kristin braved the weather and took a fine batch of pictures that can be seen here...

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