Sunday, December 30, 2007

Training - 12-24-07 to 12-30-07

Weekly Training for 12/24/07 - 12/30/07- Total: 70.9 miles (six days).

The weekly wrap-up sees the base building continue.... Struggling through some things at the moment (not running related)...For the most part, the legs are cooperating. Experienced some hamstring issues and calf tightness midweek, but nothing enough to stop the progression. Also [insert the weekly weather b*tch here]. Lastly, I'm sick as a dog (as I think most people I know are at this point...). For the second straight week, I cheesed out on my double and ran only once on Saturday after experiencing some pretty sharp pain in my calf on Friday night's run. The pain returned right at the end of my long run on Sunday, but not enough to be overly concerned about it at this point. Another week down and one more week closer to Spring...

Monday - 7:30am - 86 minutes (~ 11.3 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover (roads) with Jack Mulligan and Nina Caron. Relatively warm out for a change...
Tuesday - Christmas gift from Fernando was the day off today. (0 miles)
Wednesday - 4pm - 85 minutes medium (12.5 miles) in Andover, N. Andover with Matt Pimentel.
Thursday - 12pm - 10 miles (65 min) in Wakefield with Matt Pimentel. Rainy and miserable.
Friday - 6pm - 90 min (12.5 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover with Matt Pimentel.
Saturday - 1:30pm - (8.1 miles) 54:53[route] in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) solo.
Sunday - 4:30pm (16.5 miles) 1:53:08 (6:51 pace) in Wakefield solo.

Approx. mileage for the week...(~70.9 miles) in six days.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Training - 12-17-07 to 12-23-07

Weekly Training for 12/17/07 - 12/23/07- Total: 82.4 miles.

The base building continues....This could have (and should have) been my week of 90+ miles. I cheesed out on Saturday because I was feeling 'under the weather' and coincidentally, the weather was crap. I was scheduled to do two runs of 75 and 55 minutes on Sat. but opted for one. Running 80 minutes indoor on Tuesday and treadmilling on Thursday probably did more harm than good. I wish I had realistic access to a pool or indoor facility... I have no idea how people do this on a usual basis. I need to be outside... To say the weather was fairly uncooperative this week would be an understatement. The cold temperatures have taken a backseat to the bigger annoyance of not having any room on the sides of roads to run.

Monday - 6pm - 85 minutes (~ 11.1 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover (roads) with Molly Taber and Dan Vassallo then 6x15 second strides at end of run.
Tuesday - 6pm - 82 minutes (12 miles) in Andover (Andover H.S. indoor track) with Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, and Judge Jones.
Wednesday - 12:30pm - 75 minutes (~10.8 miles) [route] in Newton, MA (roads) solo.
Thursday - 6pm - 90 minutes (12.9 miles) in N. Andover (on my sister's treadmill) solo (obviously).
Friday - 4pm - 75 minutes easy (9.5 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover with Jon Healey.
Saturday - 4pm - 60 minutes (8 miles) [route] in Salem NH, Methuen, Haverhill (roads) solo.
Sunday - 8am - 2:00 hrs easy (16.1 miles) [route] in Andover, N. Andover with Dan Vassallo, Jack Mulligan, Mike Masse.

Approx. mileage for the week...82.4. Some tightness under my right knee but other than that, I have no valid excuses this week.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Training - 12-10-07 to 12-16-07

Weekly Training for 12/10/07 - 12/16/07- Total: 73 miles.

It was a pretty harsh week of training, weather-wise, with 2 big snowstorms hitting New England. I got to run inside briefly on Tuesday night, but the rest of the week was all outside in the snow, ice, and chilly December air. I really need to think about getting a new treadmill, especially for the stormy days like Thursday and Sunday. Saturday's workout went really well considering the conditions.

Monday - 6pm - 80 minutes in Andover, N. Andover (roads) w/ Matt Pimentel and Dan Vassallo.
Tuesday - 6:30pm - 80 minutes in Andover (roads & track) as 30 regular + 40 min at 6:30 pace or faster + 10 min w/ Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, Judge Jones, and Mike Masse - last 10 minutes on the indoor track at Andover High School.
Wednesday - 6pm - 65 minutes in Andover, N. Andover (roads) w/ Molly Taber and Matt Pimentel.
Thursday - 4:30pm - 60 minutes in Salem, NH (roads, if that's what you can call them) solo. Ran in the middle of a big snowstorm. Was supposed to do a tempo run tonight but that was impossible. Roads were completely iced and snowed over.
Friday - 6pm - 60 minutes in Andover, N. Andover (roads) w/ Matt Pimentel and Molly Taber. Was scheduled to do 75-80 but cut it short due to the icey roads and in anticipation of Saturday's long tempo run.
Saturday - 8:30am - 16 miles in Lynnfield (roads) as 5 miles easy warmup + 10 mile tempo @ 60:34 (6:03 pace) + 1 mile cooldown - all over 5 mile loop with Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, Crystal Sineath, Molly Taber, Kara Haas.
Sunday - 4pm - 60 minutes - Salem, NH (in the snow) - solo.

Approx. mileage for the week (tough to really judge these winter runs) was about 73

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Training - 12-03-07 to 12-09-07

Weekly Training for 12/03/07 - 12/09/07- Total: 75 miles.

A good week of base mileage after Mill Cities. My Saturday and Sunday runs were very tough because I was really sore from skating Saturday morning (big mistake). The weather outside was frightful...very cold mornings and evenings. Running with teammates this time of year really does help get these longer runs done. With the outdoor winter workout sessions starting back up in January, this month will be chock-full of base mileage. I opted out of the Assault on Mt. Hood this week and continued on with my base training.

Monday - 5pm - 75 minutes in Andover (roads) w/ Molly Taber and Matt Pimentel
Tuesday - 6pm - 80 minutes in Andover (roads & track) w/ Molly Taber and Matt Pimentel - last 2 miles on the indoor track at Andover High School.
Wednesday - 5:30pm - 60 minutes in Andover (roads) w/ Molly Taber, Matt Pimentel, Jon Healey, Dan Vassallo - in the snow.
Thursday - 3pm - 75 minutes in Salem, Methuen, Pelham, Methuen, Salem (roads) - solo.
Friday - 6am - 90 minutes in Andover / North Andover w/ Molly (roads)
Saturday - 3pm - 60 minutes easy in Andover w/ Molly Taber. Skated 2 games in the EMRHL earlier in the day (9am and 11am). I haven't done that in to work some muscles I had forgotten all I remember them.
Sunday - 8am - 2 hours in Andover with Molly Taber, Jon Healey, Mike Masse, Lars Bjune, Caroline Bjune, and Kevin Sullivan.

Total time running this week was 9 hours and 20 minutes. Since I have been getting running time instead of miles on my schedule recently, and because we ran so many adhoc loops around Andover/North Andover, I had a hard time trying to calculate total distance run this week . Being very conservative with pace (estimating 7:30 pace because of some slower long runs, and medium paced shorter runs), I would say the total milage was around 75.

Also, with the winter setting in and daylight at a premium, I am finding myself back out on the poorly lit and narrow roads after dark. And with the snowbanks piling up and eliminating valuable sidewalk real estate, I have had far too many 'close calls' while doing my late afternoon, evening, or early morning runs. This week I picked up a reflective running vest and a headlamp to wear while running on the roads this winter. The reflective vest is the L.E.D. Runners Vest from Nathan (purchased at Olympia Sports) and the headlamp is PETZL TacTikka Plus Headlamp which I got at EMS. Both of these are really lightweight and add tremendous visibility to you while running in night time traffic.

Monday, December 3, 2007

2007 Mill Cities Relay

Bricks, bricks everywhere...Pretty soon, MVS will be able to build its own private club headquarters solely out of bricks from the Mill Cities Relay... For the second year in a row, MVS wins the tie-breaker with Winner's Circle Running Club and takes home the overall club championship at the Mill Cities Relays [Results Here].

Despite the frigid temps today (16 degrees in downtown Nashua at that start) and a couple of bad weeks of running since hurting my back after New Englands, I actually ran well at this freakin' thing. Not a misprint. I ran 'ok'....I'm talking 'better-than-mediocre'. There actually may be some progression happening here in December, yes it's true.

After the ceremonial drop of the brick by MVS' own Coach Fernando Braz, the first leg of the race was off. Matt Pimentel (MVS Mixed Open) and I led the way, accompanied by GLRR Men's Open member and recent Olympic Marathon Trial competitor Casey Moulton, and a runner from GCS Triad's Men's Open team. The four of us ran basically together for the entire leg. I slipped back a few seconds between miles 3 and 4, but held my own over this rolly 5.6 mile course from the YMCA in Nashua NH to the Sears Warehouse building in Hudson NH. My 4th and 5th mile were my fastest 2, as I reacted to a move by Casey Moulton, who took the lead for a couple of miles late in the race. Shortly after mile 5, Casey (who was most likely doing this as a light tempo run) dropped back and Matt Pimentel and the GCS Triad runner battled it out for 1st and 2nd place. I passed Casey shortly before the exchange zone and handed off to Lars Bjune in 3rd place, only a few seconds back of the leaders.

Lars (a last second fill-in for a missing man) ran a tremendous 2nd leg (4.75 miles) from Hudson NH to Greater Lowell Tech in Tyngsboro, MA, where he handed off to (again this is NOT a typo) David Hinga. Yes, David an MVS uniform. If you don't believe me, I have proof....

David ran very well over the quick and flat 3rd leg, and handed off to Jon Healey, who had just made it to the transition point at the UMass Lowell boathouse. He unfortunately didn't have sufficient time to warmup or even pin his number on all the way...He was also up against a very good GCS runner, Ben Ndaya from the GLRR, and a 45 second pee-break along the Merrimack. Regardless, Jon ran a great race over the toughest leg of the course and handed off to our youngest member of the team, Mike Masse of St. John's Prep in Danvers, MA. Mike ran a tremendous final leg and held our 3rd place slot secure. Only 1 minute back of our finish, Mike Toomey completed the anchor leg for the MVS Mixed Open team.

As usual, the Claddagh Pub in Lawrence was the site of the finish line and after party (also known as the '6th Leg'). After some grub and some adult beverages, we were presented with the hardware...

My splits for Leg # 1:

Mile 1 - 5:20
Mile 2 - 5:25
Mile 3 - 5:29
Mile 4 - 5:11
Mile 5 - 5:04
last .6 - 3:15

Total 5.6 Miles: 29:48 (5:19 pace)

Because of the confusing nature of the race and the temperatures, the lovely and talented Kristin was not in attendance today to take some pictures. I took what I could and amateur photographer-in-training Mike Masse took some for me as well. I neglected to tell anyone to try to get some of MY leg of the race, hence no photographic evidence that I actually ran yesterday morning, exists.

Check what we have here, plus some of Jon Healey's pictures ...

My Flickr Slideshow

My Flickr Photoset

Jon Healey's Pictures

...if anyone has any pictures they would like to share, let me know.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

New England XC Championships

This weekend I ran in the 2007 USATF New England Cross Country Championships at Franklin Park in Boston, MA. This was the last XC race in the 2007 USATF NE XC Grand Prix. Full Results Here.

My strategy for this race (being a 10K) was to go out relaxed and try to hit near 5:20 pace. Normally I have been going out far too quick on the first mile and have paid the consequences for it during my 2nd and 3rd miles. This time around, I made a conscious effort to go out conservatively and try to hit my goal pace. I stayed back where I thought I belonged and still went out in 5:05. My 2nd mile was a classic Franklin Park 5:35. I'd like to think Bear Cage Hill had something to do with that.... I went through my 5k slightly slower than I wanted, but it was far better than I thought it was going to be because I felt horrible. At 2 miles I felt sluggish and spent. Not a good sign w/ 4.2 miles to go. I did manage to run slightly better over my 2nd 5K and come back with a 16:35 to run a 33:22 (for 38th place) which was just under my ultimate goal for this XC race...Any slower than 33:30 and I would have considered it a total dud. In all, I was mediocre this weekend, but I'm not completely dissatisfied. It was my fastest 10K since making my comeback, so I'm pleased in that sense. Next up is the Andover XC race, as I am pretty sure I am foregoing the Feaster Five which is only 3 days away. I think it may be better to run Andover next weekend and Mill Cities the week after. That will wrap up 2007. As always, great pictures are available courtesy of the always lovely and talented Kristin (who was under the weather today, but still braved the chill and got some great shots).


1 Mile: 5:05
2 Mile: 10:40 (w/ the hill)
5K: 16:47
4 Mile: 21:37
8K: 26:50
10K - 33:22

1st 5K: 16:47 (5:24 pace)
2nd 5K: 16:35 (5:20 pace)
Total 10K 33:22 (5:22 pace)

Other notables here were MVS teammate Jon Healey (who ran this as just a workout) was 42nd at 33:30 and former UML teammate and current New Balance Boston stud Brad Klinedinst had an off day but still managed to run 32:42 for 24th place.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Amherst XC Festival

This past Sunday I ran up in Amherst NH at the Amherst XC Festival. This was the 6th official race in the USATF New England Cross Country Grand Prix series. The race was on the groomed equestrian courses up at Freestyle Farm. The trails were all relatively well groomed grass and dirt horse paths that circle a 50+ acre pond and wind up into the woods and back down onto the field where it began. The footing was pretty good but the course is definately slow. I don't think I have ever run on a hillier course than this overall since coming back...The hills weren't long per se, but continuous. The course had essentially no flat stretches until the very end. A very beautiful layout and technical course made this a fun race... I look forward to running here again...

Pictures from the day provided by the lovely and talented Kristin.


Men's USATF XC Grand Prix Freestyle Farm Amherst, NH

Team Scores:

SISU 1,2,4,5,6 [18]
GBTC 3,7,8,9,10 [37]


Place Name Team Age Group Time
1 Matthew Clark CMS Open 16:22
2 Matthew Germain SISU Open 16:25
3 Jim Johnson MVS Open 16:29
4 Andy McCarron CMS Open 16:53
5 Ryan Miller SISU Open 16:59
6 J.R. Roberts GBTC Open 17:04
7 Dan Navaroli SISU Open 17:26
8 Mark Reeder GLRR Masters 17:34
9 Bill Arvanitis SISU Open 17:39
10 James Aubuchon SISU Masters 17:40
11 Daniel Smith GBTC Open 17:46
12 Mark Bell BAA Masters 18:04
13 Jeff Rominger GBTC Open 18:13
14 Micheal Brady Unatt Masters 18:32
15 Dan Hall GBTC Open 19:53
16 Janus Maku MVS Masters 20:01
17 Tom Derderian GBTC Seniors 20:41
18 Alex Ashlock Unatt Seniors 25:53
19 John Loring Unatt Veteran 30:38

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nate Jenkins 7th at U.S. Trials!

Congratulations to Nate Jenkins (UML '04)(Saucony/GLRR) on his PR of 2:14:56 and 7th place finish at the 2008 U.S. Men's Marathon Olympic Team Trials. Nate bettered his qualifying time of 2:15:28 that he ran in February of last year in Austin, TX by 32 seconds on this NYC course that is considered to be at least 2 minutes slow. That means Nate's effort puts him most likely in the high 2:12 range. Nate also finished ahead of many elite athletes including the 2004 Olympic silver medalist Meb Keflezighi (Nike). Other local running studs finishing with very respectable races were Casey and Pat Moulton (out of Pelham NH)... Very proud of all these guys... Full Results Here.

Place Name Age Hometown Affiliation Finish

1 Ryan Hall 25 Mammoth Lakes, CA 2:09:02
2 Dathan Ritzenhein 24 Eugene, OR 2:11:07
3 Brian Sell 29 Rochester Hills, MI Hansons-Brooks Distance Project 2:11:40
4 Khalid Khannouchi 36 Ossining, NY 2:12:34
5 Jason Lehmkuhle 30 Minneapolis, MN Team USA Minnesota 2:12:54
6 Daniel Browne 32 Beaverton, OR Nike 2:13:23
7 Nathaniel Jenkins 27 Lowell, MA 2:14:56
8 Meb Keflezighi 32 San Diego, CA 2:15:09
9 Josh Rohatinsky 25 Portland, OR Nike 2:15:22
10 Jason Hartmann 26 Boulder, CO 2:15:27

Monday, October 29, 2007

2007 Boston Mayors Cup

This past Saturday was the 18th annual running of the Boston Athletic Association / Adidas Boston Mayor's Cup cross country races at Franklin Park in Boston. It was a perfect day for a cross country race as there was plenty of sun (slightly windy) and temperatures in the lower 50s. There were 782 finishers over 5 separate races (Boys 1.1 mile Girls 1.1 mile Open 5K Women's Championship 5K Men's Championship 8K).

This was the race I had been looking forward to since coming back to running one year ago. When there was a race I would think about over and over again in my mind, this was it. When I was out on a long run and daydreaming about racing in particular, I would think about the Mayors Cup. There is just something about running in a steady stream of about 200 or so of the top xc runners around, that gets the blood pumping slightly faster...Back in 1996, when I ran this race for the first time, I had a mediocre performance at 26:11 and was 111th place. A humbling experience to say the least. This year, I ran even slower than that (still on the comeback trail), but because the field wasn't exactly as deep as it was last time around, I placed much higher. This year, I came in at 26:25 for 74th place. I went out in 4:57 for Mile 1 and settled in with essentially the same group of runners for the rest of the way, picking a few off here and there, and surrendering places to others occasionally. The fun thing about this race is the fact that you have absolutely no idea where you are, place-wise, and you 'think' you are running far worse than you are, because there are so many people in front of you....what you have to realize though, is that this is probably the deepest field that most people will ever run against in a xc race... I had fun regardless of not breaking 26 minutes (my subconscious goal going into this week)... While my attempt at fielding an MVS team failed (thanks to no, it was nice to see Todd Lagimonier and Phil Cootey on the line with me. Both were coming back from extended time off and ran just for the experience...

In the Women's championship 5K, Salem's own Jennifer Toomey (Nike) finished 7th overall in 17:15 (5:32 pace). Fellow MVS members Melissa Donais was 21st in 18:05 (5:48 pace), Crystal Sineath was 41st in 18:52 (6:03 pace), and Maureen Forsyth was 69th in 19:54 (6:23 pace). The overall winner of the women's championship race was Ethiopian Aziza Ayilu, representing Westchester (New York) Track Club. Aziza also won the women's championship race last year. Results 5K Women's Photos

In the open 5K, Mike Toomey placed 19th in 16:56 (5:26 pace). Boston College's JV runners occupied spots 2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11. Results 5K Open Photos

The men's 8K championship was won by Ethiopians Girma Tola also representing Westchester (New York) Track Club. The winning time was 23:18 (4:43 pace). The top 6 spots were all under 24 minutes and last year's winner, Stephen Chemlany, was 14th this year in 24:38 (4:59 pace). It was Chemlany who narrowly edged American mile record holder Alan Webb last year for the win. Former UML alumns Brad Klinedinst (37th - 25:35 - 5:11 pace) and Kevin Alliette (52nd - 25:53 - 5:15 pace) had very good races respectively. Results 8K Men's Photos

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Georgetown 5K

This past Sunday I raced in the 1st Annual Mike Donahoe Memorial 5k in Georgetown, MA. This was a last minute add to the schedule. My coach thought this would be a good opportunity to get all the intangibles together before Mayor's Cup this coming weekend. The day didn't start too well, as I was up late watching the Red Sox game, and woke up slightly dehydrated and packing a very bad headache. It was a good thing that the race was a 12pm start, as it gave me a good opportunity to properly hydrate and stretch. All things aside, the race went surprisingly well, and I was able to run my 2nd generation (post-comeback) PR of 15:53 (results here). This was my first time under 16 since coming back. The course was relatively flat, with only 1 slight uphill at 2 miles and some gentle rolls just before. I stayed right with a pack of about 6 runners for the first 1.5 miles and then made a slight move as we made the turnaround to go back towards the finish. Nobody reacted right away and I was able to build up a lead that I held until the end. My head was definately on a swivel for the last quarter mile, but I was able to hold off former UNH runner Ro Crispin, who finished in a close second place. He had beaten me by only a few seconds at the Market Square Day 10K back in June. My splits were 5:08 5:10 5:06 :27 (last .1). I officially set the course record (as this is the 1st Annual race) and won $100 (also my first cash prize since coming back).

Fellow MVS member and Olympic Trial qualifier Molly Taber also ran and was the first woman across the line in 17:35. She too, walked away with a nice $100 first place cash prize.

Click here for the Flickr set of pictures taken by the lovely and talented Kristin! Next up will be Mayors Cup this weekend ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

8th Annual Jennifer's Run

This past Saturday it was the 8th Annual Jennifer's Run in Lowell, MA. This run is a memorial to Jennifer D'Amour who was killed in a car accicent during May of 1999 (just before our graduation). Jen was a member of our women's cross country and track teams from 1994-1999. This run took over in 1999 for the Alumni race, which used to be held over the Chelmsford H.S. cross country course in early September.

Despite the 85 degree temp, my recent back problems, and my blister-ravished feet, I ran to what I now call my 'second-career PR' of 16:05. This was the fastest time I have run since coming back a year ago. The course isn't exactly fast, but it's not terribly slow. Brad Klinedinst (UML '00 and New Balance Boston) and Kevin Alliette (UML '03 and Whirlaway) ran neck and neck and had a good battle back-and-forth up front (I sat back about 25 seconds and watched this over the entire 5K). Brad ended up making a move on Kevin over the last quarter mile or so, which ended up being a very good strategic move on his part (taking into consideration Kevin's superior overall speed and finishing kick). Brad cruised to a 15:37 and Kevin was 8 seconds back at a cool 15:45. UML redshirt freshman Danny Wang (4:18.95 Mile and 7th place at the 2007 Nike Outdoor Nationals) was third, holding yours truly off by 4 seconds.

Top 12 w/ scoring...yes I know there was no 'official' scoring for Alumni vs UML students...but I thought it would be fun to point out that WE WON 28 to 37!

Place Name Alumni Student Time Pace

1 Brad Klinedinst X 15:37 5:03
2 Kevin Alliette X 15:45 5:05
3 Danny Wang X 16:01 5:10
4 Jim Johnson X 16:05 5:11
5 Jose Ortiz 16:46 5:25
6 Adam Hanley X 17:08 5:32
7 Jason O'Connell X 17:10 5:33
8 Andie Colon 17:14 5:34
9 Brian Beaudoin X 18:22 5:56
10 Steve Walsh X 18:30 5:58
11 Sung-Nam Jo X 18:34 6:00
12 Andriy Danylov X 18:49 6:05

1. Alumni

1 2 4 10 11 = 28 Brad Klinedinst, Kevin Alliette, Jim Johnson, Steve Walsh, Sung-Nam Jo (aka Jason Lavalley, aka Fuji, aka The 'Greaser')

2. Students

3 6 7 9 12 = 37 Danny Wang, Adam Hanley, Jason O'Connell, Brian Beaudoin, Andriy Danylov

Photos of this race can be found at the usual Flickr site and all images were taken by the lovely and talented Kristin! Official full scoring can be found here at Coolrunning.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

2007 Codfish Bowl XC

Saturday it was back to Franklin Park in Boston for my first XC race in 9 years. October, 1998 was the very last time I laced up the spikes on the line at Franklin Park. Although unseasonably warm (about 80ish +), it felt good to be back running on the old course again. This was the 40th running of the Codfish Bowl. The race used to be on our schedule at UML. I ran this race 4 times from 1995-1998. Back then the field was far faster/deeper, but now it seems that the race has fallen out of popularity over the past few years. Only about 90 or so ran this year (with a dozen or so unattached/open runners). Regardless, I used this as a launching pad back into the world of XC running. Though about 2 minutes slower than my typical Franklin Park jaunt back in the day, it was a fun time nonetheless. I got to say a quick hi to Ed Lyons (Bentley coach) briefly and he was his typical witty self, exclaiming immediately that he had seen me 5 or 6 years ago and I had looked like a 'sumo-wrestler' back then....but I looked ok now. Good stuff. Click here for the Flickr set of pictures taken by the lovely and talented Kristin! Next up will be Topsfield and then eventually back to Franklin for the Mayors Cup in October. Still trying to convince Lavalley to come to his senses and sign up...

Codfish over the years:

1995 - Place: 9th - Time: 25:42
1996 - Results lost over time...(comment if you have them...)
1997 - Place: 12th - Time: 25:48
1998 - Place: 6th - Time: 25:29
2007 - Place: 15th - Time: 27:21

Monday, September 10, 2007

2007 Firmman Triathlon

Photos from the 2007 Firmman Triathlon at the Narragansett Town Beach, Narragansett, RI. I went down to see Matt Sullivan and his girlfriend Jen compete in their first half-ironman. I was able to bike the entire half-marathon leg and take some nice shots of Sully's run. He had the 6th fastest overall run time at 1:29:06 (6:47 pace) which is very impressive, given the heat of the day. His girlfriend Jen also had a fantastic showing here with a 2nd place finish in her category (Female 30-34) and 100th overall in 5:15:31.

Sully's Splits

Overall (70.3 Miles)

Overall Place: 52nd
Category Place (Male Open 30-34yrs): 11th
Overall Time: 4:58:58

Swim (1.2 Miles)

Overall Place: 375th
Category Place (Male Open 30-34yrs): 34th
Swim Time: 39:45

[Transition 1: 1:52]

Bike (56 Miles)

Overall Place: 122nd
Category Place (Male Open 30-34yrs): 19th
Bike Time: 2:47:04

[Transition 2: 1:09]

Run (Half Marathon - 13.1 Miles)

Overall Place: 6th
Category Place (Male Open 30-34yrs): 1st
Run Time: 1:29:06

Saturday, September 8, 2007

2007 Ollie Road Race

Today I dove back into the racing thing again with the Ollie 5 Miler. Needless to say that the 90+ degree weather didn't help things, and I blew up quite effectively after 2 miles. My splits were totally off today as well. I know I went through the 2 mile somewhere around 10:30ish and then everything seemed to fall to crap. 2 really slow middle miles and then a slightly faster 5th mile didn't help things today. Very rough time overall. The only comfort was to see that I wasn't alone. There were blowups everywhere. I couldn't get a groove going and for the first time ever in a road race, I actually grabbed water (at every single water stop). I hydrated more in last 48 hours than I usually do, in anticipation of this disaster, and I still broke down. Kristin got some decent pictures again of some MVS folks. Click here for the Flickr set.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ottawa Trip

Photos uploaded from my trip to Adobe's Center of Excellence in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I spent the past week working in the Adobe Ottawa office as a resource for the new

See the photographic evidence here...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mt Washington Hike

Photos uploaded from our hike up Mt. Washington. This was our only hike of the year (so far), so we decided to make it a good one. Conditions were good...not too hot...not too cold. We took the Tuckerman Ravine trail up to the summit. This trail proved to be a good intial challenge up to the base of the ravine. A steady flow of rocks lined the trail the entire way up. Once up in the ravine, things flattened out a bit before getting really technical. As we entered the base of Tuckerman, you are now in the 'alpine-zone' and were pleased to run into some late season snow packed in the bowl right at the base of the ravine wall. Being July 21st, I think this is personally the latest (in the season) I have ever had my hands on natural snow in New England. We stopped for some food about half way up the ravine and took in the sights and sounds of hundreds of other hikers coming up and down. It was relatively warm in the bowl (probably in the 60s), but it would get drastically colder only slightly higher up, as we got out of the ravine and started the ascent up the remaining portion of the mountain. The rest of the way up to the summit was a constant 'pick-your-rock-and-hope-it-doesn't-move' moment as you have to hop on and off of thousands of strategically placed boulders, all the while, keeping your eyes on the markers that lay the straightest line to the top. Once on the summit, we quickly became aware that the temperature was down below freezing with windchill (about 29 F). It made being outside only the slightest big uncomfortable, but it was the wind that really made it feel unseasonably cold. We took our self-gratifying pictures (with me sporting the MVS swag of course :) ) at the highest point, weasled our way through all the jerks who took the bus up to the top, rummaged through the giftshop (while realizing we couldn't buy anything because we'd have to lug it back down the mountain for 3 hrs), had a cup of hot chocolate at the snack bar, and started our trek back down (which felt even harder on the calfs and knees than the way up). All in all, it was a great day long hike that we may (or may not) do next year. See the photographic evidence here...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

John Carson 4th of July 2 Mile Road Race

Today, I ran in the Annual Sullivan Farms Ice Cream / John Carson 2 Miler in Chelmsford, MA. It was my first time running this relatively fast 2 mile course which I have known about for years...It has become an annual tradition for many of my former UML teammates and their families.

I had been sick for the past couple days and was feeling slightly under the weather at the start, but decided to give it a go anyways. I missed the first mile marker as I was looking around for a sign or clock and missed the huge paited "1" on the road below me.... I must have gone through in just around 5 minutes or slightly under. The first mile started with a downhill, hooked around to a slight uphill, and then turned onto Route 4 where it rolled up and down until the final stretch which has a steady incline up to the finish. The course is an estimated 15 seconds or so slower than a track 2mile (according to reliable sources).

I ended up 17th of 1731 which wasn't TOO bad, although my plan was to go under 10 minutes (based on where I believe my current fitness level is). That was not to be. 10:15 on this perfect day was all I could muster. Next year, i hope to be around 9:30 or so and well within the top 10. Totally doable.

Up front, Patrick Tarpy won the $1000 cash bonus for breaking Darin Shearer's course record (from 2004) of 8:57 by running 8:50 (yes, 8:50) which (if you are doing the math at home) is 4:25 pace. Yikes. Nate Jenkins gave him a run for his money and finished just over 9 minutes.

The lovely and talented Kristin again took a fine batch of pictures here...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

27th Annual Plaistow Old Home Day 5K

Today, I ran in the 27th Annual Plaistow Old Home Day 5K in Plaistow, NH. It was my first race back after having some calf problems over the past couple of weeks. I felt ok for the most part, but not getting in a good workout over the past couple of weeks, and running relatively low milage really affected the end of my race. My 2 mile split was ok (around 10:30) for the course, but my last mile was atrocious again. I've got to work on sharpening up and hanging on to pace.

MVS was out in full force today, and was well represented in all age groups. We won the team competition in the Men's Open category and received some nice hardware for our efforts. It was a perfect day for racing and a very nice overall package put together by MVS' own Jim Vitale.

The lovely and energetic Kristin put her skills to work today and captured a boatload of MVS people in action.. Check them out here ...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

30th Annual Market Square Day 10K - Portsmouth, NH

Today, I ran in the 30th Annual Market Square Day 10k in Portsmouth, NH. It was the second race in the Seacost Road Racing Series. Despite the dreary overcast weather today, the rain held off and we were able to run a completely dry race.

Like Bedford (only far worse) I went out way to fast, and past the first mile mark as the time was just ticking over to 5 minutes. Keeping with the continuous theme of mile marker 1 conspiracy theories, it is likely that this one was again, short. All that aside, I feel somewhat satisfied with the effort.

10K (6.2 Miles) Splits: 5:00 (5:00) 10:32 (5:32) 16:06 (5:34) 21:46 (5:40) 27:15 (5:29) 33:03 (5:48) 34:07 (overall pace: 5:30).


I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I actually received an award for this effort....a nice green and white medal that says "2nd Place - Male" and "30-39". I was actually 3rd (technically) in my age group...but top 3 overall don't count in the age group I got 2nd. Top 3 in each age group get this nice 'high quality' medal (sarcastically speaking)... But honestly is technically my first individual award for racing since 1998, so it's pretty sweet.

Other notables of the day was top MVS runner Caroline Bjune running to an impressive 36:27 (5:52 pace) for 1st place overall for women (which involves receiving a fairly fat check in the mail from what I hear).... Now had she actually declared "MVS" as her team, we may have picked up some more valuable points in the completely irrelevant team standings :)

Kristin, myself, and Nuggets then enjoyed the rest of day, walking around the local shops and tents...taking in the sights and sounds of a very cool Market Square Day in beautiful downtown Portsmouth. We had a nice lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery and the rain held off just enough not to disrupt the days festivities for thousands of people who piled into the square for food, music, and shopping. Oh yeah...and Nuggz picked up his winning Powerball ticket today too...remember who your real friends are buddy :)

The lovely and talented Kristin again braved the weather and took a fine batch of pictures... Check them out here...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Runners Alley / Redhook Brewery 5K

On Sunday, I ran in the Runners Alley / Redhook Brewery 5K road race at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, NH. It was a beautiful day for a race which had registration close at 2000 strong (although about 1800 or so actually raced). The course was nice and flat except for one small uphill near the beginning and the smallest of rolls in the middle. Even though this race wasn't part of the pub-series this year, it is part of the Seacoast Road Race Series, and last year's start was featured as the cover of this year's NE Runner Calendar...thus the turnout increased by about 300 runners this year. I ended up running slightly quicker than I was expecting, but I'm still not considering myself back in racing shape just yet...even though I did manage to actually pick up 2 spots over the last 800 meters of the race. Overall it was a great day for a race and it was nice having my family there, and also catching up w/ a couple of former teammates who also raced (Phil Cootey - UML and Matt Lyons - WHS)...


Pictures are here...

... oh by the way...I caught another 6 delicious bass on Saturday is now 12 on the year....details to come...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

2007 USATF NE Grand Prix 12K Championships - Bedford NH

On Saturday, despite the horrible weather, I ran in the 33rd Bedford Rotary Memorial Road Races - USATF-NE 12K Grand Prix Championship

I ran this to basically accomplish 2 things.... 1) To get acclimated to racing again and being in big race situations, which will mentally help me achieve that little mental edge I once had way back in the 90s :)... and 2) To get a good solid workout in, which I definitely did (considering how my legs feel today).... This was my longest 'race' ever (even though I've done 18-20 mile runs in the past, I've never raced over the 10K distance).... So that was comforting to know, that I could handle that distance without much of a shock to the system.

I went out way to fast unfortunately, and had a rough time on the hills during miles 5-7. I went through my first mile in 5:17 and the second in about 5:23 or so (splits were a little off from there because my hands were wet and cold from the weather...I had some difficulties with my watch and the fact that there was no visible 6th and 7th mile marker). I ended up running 43:12 (5:48 pace for 7.46 miles or 12 kilometers)... which wasn't bad considering I was planning on one of 2 scenarios in my head.... Scenario 1: I would cramp up and not finish... Scenario 2: I would run between 5:40 and 5:50 pace. I was just inside scenario 2 and managed to avoid scenario 1, so I'm fairly happy with that. Considering the hilly course and conditions, I feel pretty good about the race overall. I also had a tough week with a nagging hip pain that began on Monday and sidelined me on Thursday after a very tough track workout in the rain on Wednesday night in North Andover...

Other notables in this race... Nate Jenkins broke the course record all by himself, running an absolutely disgusting 36:21 (4:53 pace)... The old record was held by John Mortimer (36:36 in 2004).

MVS GP scorers: TED MACMAHON, LARS BJUNE, JIM JOHNSON, TODD LAGIMONIER, JOHN MULLIGAN, PAUL CYR, JOHN LEE (our current top runner, Jon Healey was sick and missed the race)...

I would also like to point out that 33 of the 55 runners that beat me were all OLDER than me! :)....That makes a newly-turned-30-year-old feel pretty good :) This incredible list of old-schoolers included usual suspects like UML's own Dave Dunham (CMS), Craig Fram (Whirlaway), Dan Verrington (CMS), Paul Hammond (Whirlaway), Scott Anderson (Whirlaway), and 51 year old Norm Larson from Green Mountain Athletic Association.

Kristin braved the weather and took a fine batch of pictures that can be seen here...