Monday, May 4, 2009

Mount Washington - Top Finishers Video - 1985-1987

I'll refer to this batch of videos as "The pre-Dunham 80's". Featured here are snippets from the years 1985, 1986, and 1987. 1985 was the first year that the videos were made available after the race. DD loaned me a video he made, of the top 10 or so finishers from each year, and with race director Bob Teschek's permission, I ripped them onto the computer and labelled each finisher with name, age, place, and time. We'll include the top 10 or so finishers (some will be a little more). The full videos from each year can be purchased here.

(**Once you start playing the video, press the HQ button to enable High Quality playback...Considering this was from a VHS cassette that was a copy of a copy of a copy, it won't be that great as far as quality goes, but it's better than the standard playback quality.)

1985 - Top 10 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Bob Hodge 29Wellesley MA1:01:31
2Keith Woodward 34Craftsbury Common VT1:03:06
3Gary Crossan 27Amherst MA1:04:45
4Joseph Stanley Jr32Prospect CT1:05:33
5Matthew Cull 24Middlebury VT1:06:13
6Philip Brock 25Ithica NYMarathon Tours 1:06:28
7Vincent Fleming 31Bridgton MA1:07:16
8Mike Casner 23Keene NH1:07:36
9Brad Hurst 31Chelmsford MAMarathon Tours 1:07:52
10Duncan Scott 28Cambridge MAMarathon Tours 1:08:43

From dd's book:

June 22, 1985
670 Finishers

Great conditions with temperatures in the 70s at the base and clear in the 50s at the summit...

1986 - Top 10 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Gary Crossan 28Amherst MA1:02:10
2Domingo Tibaduiza 36Reno CO1:03:12
3Sheldon Larson 25Boulder CO1:03:12
4Buck Logan 26Charlestown MAGBTC1:06:55
5Joseph Stanley 33Prospect CT1:07:43
6Sean Hanley 25N Attleboro MA1:07:59
7Al Waquie 35Jemez Pueblo NM1:08:19
8Mike Casner 24Bristol NH1:08:34
9John Fitzgerald22Lewiston ME1:08:38
10Jay Smith 27St Louis Park MN1:09:34

From dd's book:

June 28, 1986
700 Finishers

Conditions may have slowed everyone down, as it was warm/muggy at the base and 49 degrees with 34 mph winds at the summit...

1987 - Top 10 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Bob Hodge 31Clinton MAGLRR1:01:14
2Domingo Tibaduiza37Reno CO1:02:52
3Matt Ebiner 26W Covina CA1:05:03
4Sheldon Larson 26Boulder CO1:05:36
5Mike Casner 25Bristol NH1:06:10
6Sean Hanley 26Sharon MA1:06:41
7Matthew Cull 26Bristol VT1:07:29
8Keith Woodward36Craftsbury Common VTUS BI1:07:48
9Richard Surace 21Syracuse NY1:07:55
10Jay Smith 28Grand Rapids MI1:08:36

From dd's book:

June 20, 1987
732 Finishers

The weather, although clear, was windy with gusts up to 50 mph above the treeline...