Monday, May 4, 2009

Mount Washington - Top Finishers Video - 1985-1987

I'll refer to this batch of videos as "The pre-Dunham 80's". Featured here are snippets from the years 1985, 1986, and 1987. 1985 was the first year that the videos were made available after the race. DD loaned me a video he made, of the top 10 or so finishers from each year, and with race director Bob Teschek's permission, I ripped them onto the computer and labelled each finisher with name, age, place, and time. We'll include the top 10 or so finishers (some will be a little more). The full videos from each year can be purchased here.

(**Once you start playing the video, press the HQ button to enable High Quality playback...Considering this was from a VHS cassette that was a copy of a copy of a copy, it won't be that great as far as quality goes, but it's better than the standard playback quality.)

1985 - Top 10 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Bob Hodge 29Wellesley MA1:01:31
2Keith Woodward 34Craftsbury Common VT1:03:06
3Gary Crossan 27Amherst MA1:04:45
4Joseph Stanley Jr32Prospect CT1:05:33
5Matthew Cull 24Middlebury VT1:06:13
6Philip Brock 25Ithica NYMarathon Tours 1:06:28
7Vincent Fleming 31Bridgton MA1:07:16
8Mike Casner 23Keene NH1:07:36
9Brad Hurst 31Chelmsford MAMarathon Tours 1:07:52
10Duncan Scott 28Cambridge MAMarathon Tours 1:08:43

From dd's book:

June 22, 1985
670 Finishers

Great conditions with temperatures in the 70s at the base and clear in the 50s at the summit...

1986 - Top 10 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Gary Crossan 28Amherst MA1:02:10
2Domingo Tibaduiza 36Reno CO1:03:12
3Sheldon Larson 25Boulder CO1:03:12
4Buck Logan 26Charlestown MAGBTC1:06:55
5Joseph Stanley 33Prospect CT1:07:43
6Sean Hanley 25N Attleboro MA1:07:59
7Al Waquie 35Jemez Pueblo NM1:08:19
8Mike Casner 24Bristol NH1:08:34
9John Fitzgerald22Lewiston ME1:08:38
10Jay Smith 27St Louis Park MN1:09:34

From dd's book:

June 28, 1986
700 Finishers

Conditions may have slowed everyone down, as it was warm/muggy at the base and 49 degrees with 34 mph winds at the summit...

1987 - Top 10 Finishers

Featured finishers in this video:

1Bob Hodge 31Clinton MAGLRR1:01:14
2Domingo Tibaduiza37Reno CO1:02:52
3Matt Ebiner 26W Covina CA1:05:03
4Sheldon Larson 26Boulder CO1:05:36
5Mike Casner 25Bristol NH1:06:10
6Sean Hanley 26Sharon MA1:06:41
7Matthew Cull 26Bristol VT1:07:29
8Keith Woodward36Craftsbury Common VTUS BI1:07:48
9Richard Surace 21Syracuse NY1:07:55
10Jay Smith 28Grand Rapids MI1:08:36

From dd's book:

June 20, 1987
732 Finishers

The weather, although clear, was windy with gusts up to 50 mph above the treeline...


  1. JJ

    Great old video's. A quick story. Back in 1990, after the race I was sitting down in the bar at the hotel with my wife, DD and his wife watching the video of the race. The video was flipping between many runners and then it showed DD on the screen walking! DD jumps up from the table and starts squaking "that's the only time I walked...REALLY" It was just so funny to watch DD defend his honor. Of course we didn't let it go. "Hey Dave, how many times did you really walk? Heck you came in 2nd place, so you must of walked a bunch"!!!

  2. haha...Scotty, I talked w/ dd about this... he got a kick out of the fact you remembered that...and while he doesn't deny that that whole situation happened, he did indicate that they 'caught him walking on the steep switchback'... He then indicated that he 'walked all of two steps and it just happened to be when the damn truck went by'...

    He told me last year that he's walked through the water stops though before... A lot of other guys I talked to last year (some big wigs who finished way ahead of me) walked quite a bit too...I guess it comes w/ the territory... I've never walked so much in races until I started running ridiculous races like Cranmore, Loon, and all those damn snowshoe races ;)... So I'm hip to the whole walkin' thing now... At Greylock, I actually stopped and stepped off the trail so he could pass by me. And while I got him back on the downhill at the end...he hasn't let me forget :).

  3. That's funny.

    Hey, did you see that they are not allowing people to run down after the race?


  5. Yikes! I should have done it last year then...missed my opportunity I guess...

    What swayed me was something Dan Verrington told me when I asked him if he was running down afterwards (last year). He looked at me with a very serious look and said 'A few years back I did that and I didn't walk right for a week'. I guess that convinced me to not run down last year...

  6. Wow, DV said that?!?!?

    ahhhh, Taz, I hope I didn't mess up GSR "member bios"... I made title shorter so can read names, but just couldn't do Holly's for some reason... I'm sorry, hope I didn't screw it up

  7. Hey MG, I was able to fix it... not sure what was happening. Thanks for taking the initiative on that! Thats what I like to see :).

  8. Phew!! Thanks so much for fixing it! I didn't want to have to ask someone here at the library, HAHAHA

    Hope your race went well today!


  9. thread stinks

  10. I think you may be smelling the surrounding areas...Lawrence always stinks...