Sunday, December 4, 2016

Last 4 weeks

Some catch up since early November...just some base building miles and the beginnings of some short / moderate workouts...still trying to heal up w/ the rib situation...

Week of November 7 - November 13

11-07 - Monday - AM: 30 min core routine. PM: 10 miles.
11-08 - Tuesday - PM: 10.6 miles easy roads w/ Darin. Beautiful day!
11-09 - Wednesday AM: 30 min core routine. PM: 9.35 miles.
11-10 - Thursday AM: 30 min core routine. PM: 8 miles easy.
11-11 - Friday - PM: 10 miles.
11-12 - Saturday - PM: 9 miles.
11-13 - Sunday - AM: 3 mile hike. PM: 30 min core routine.  

57 miles on 6 runs.

A little more miles this week and some core work with a day off again.

Week of November 14 - November 20

11-14 - Monday AM: 4 miles trails/roads. PM: 8 miles.
11-15 - Tuesday AM: 5 miles roads. PM: 6 miles.
11-16 - Wednesday - PM: 10 miles.
11-17 - Thursday - PM: 10.5 miles easy lake bang with Darin.
11-18 - Friday AM: 10.4 miles easy roads/dirt roads with Darin.
11-19 - Saturday - AM: 3 mile hike.
11-20 - Sunday - AM: 5.3 miles roads/trails easy. PM: 6 miles.

65.2 miles on 9 runs.

Aggravated my ribs/side a bit with some of the core work last week so laid off it this week. Had some side stitches pretty bad at the end of the week but landed 65+ on just 6 days with another day off again... I have taken a day off per week but have done a fair amount of walking/hiking on that off day.  More moving in the right direction.

Week of November 21 - November 27

11-21 - Monday AM: 5 miles easy roads. PM: 8.5 miles as 20 min w/up + short tempo 5k @5:30/m (17:04) + 20 min cooldown.
11-22 - Tuesday - PM: 8 miles roads.
11-23 - Wednesday AM: 5 miles easy roads. PM: 10 miles.
11-24 - Thursday AM: 8 miles.
11-25 - Friday AM: 5 miles easy roads. PM: 10 miles (tempo) (60:00).
11-26 - Saturday - PM: 6 miles easy.
11-27 - Sunday - PM: 11.6 miles roads w/ Darin.

 miles on 10 runs.

Short tempo on Monday that felt a little harder than I would have liked but it wasn't too bad for a rust buster. Legs and back were surprisingly stiff on Tuesday. Good uptempo 10 miles on Friday.  Heading in the right direction... Felt pretty good by week's end except the ribs are on and off sore still.

Week of November 28 - December 04

11-28 - Monday AM: 5 miles easy roads. PM: 10 miles.
11-29 - Tuesday PM: 6 miles (38:00). Very busy at the Mill. Had to wait 30 minutes for a machine. Only got slightly more than half my planned run in but did 6 x 400m at 5 min pace with 40 sec rest in between each, midway through the run. Good short workout.
11-30 - Wednesday AM: 8 miles easy roads w/ Darin. PM: 8 miles.
12-01 - Thursday PM: 9 miles.
12-02 - Friday AM: 5 miles easy roads with Darin. PM: 10 miles (tempo) (60:00).
12-03 - Saturday - PM: 12 miles.
12-04 - Sunday - AM: 14 miles Freedom roads.

87 miles on 10 runs.

Halfway through the week, clicked over into December. The November recap looks to be pretty good as I hit 279 miles with 3 days off.  So I was in the 300 ballpark if I hadn't bailed on those 3 days. That puts this as my 4th best month of the year believe it or not.  Not too bad for a normally quiet time of year.  A very short workout on Tuesday and another 60 min 10 miles on Friday, which is good. I want to try for one of those a week (or alternative) where I can fit it in. Finished the week off with a couple of longer runs. Ribs were actually pretty painful during some of the runs this week. Towards the end of the run on Sunday morning I struggled a bit with them over the last few miles.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shocking News This Morning

Woke up this morning to an absolute shock.  Once I hopped onto the web to see what was going on in the world I was absolutely shocked to see that even though losing last night, Edmonton was atop the Pacific division and tied for the 4th best record in the league.  No words.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Seacoast Series Wrap Up for 2016 and Personal Series Numbers

I FINALLY got my Seacoast Series trophy from Darin this week (and the cash!).  He picked up my award at the Great Bay 5k, as they always do the overall series awards at that race (being the last race in the series).  It's the first time I've not been there to get it in person.  I felt bad but I know they'll be another chance next year for top 3!

This year, I finally got things right again on the SRRS and was able to make the first 6 of 8 races (enough to qualify for the series and enough to win).  I didn't do the last 2 races due to VT 50 again, derailing me...but this time due to injury.  I am not doing any more ultras anytime soon.  The minute I know I can't run fast (or as fast as I think I can) at the shorter distances, I'll look at them again.  For me, they are just too risky and it's not worth that risk if it means I'm going to miss out on races I enjoy going to.  I got one win, one 2nd place, two 3rd place finishes, a strangely played out 5th place, and an abysmal 9th place in one of my worst races of my life... but 'series-wise' it was 6 'first' places which is a perfect score for the series (you have to do 6 of 8 races).

Even though it's my favorite series of races all calendar year, I've only finished the series a surprising 5 times since I first did the entire series (or enough races to score in at least) for the first time in 2008.

My Overall Series Finishes:

2008 - 1st
2009 - 2nd (John Mentzer 1st)
2010 - 2nd (John Mentzer 1st)
2012 - 1st
2016 - 1st

Seems like every 4 years I end up winning the series...think that will be the case in 2020?  I'll ONLY be 43....still got a shot right?

I had to go back and look at why I didn't compete in the entire series the other years.  In 2011 I was on a tear, having arguably the best season of racing I've ever had.  I had qualified for the World Championship 50k that year and did that race in August which forced me out of a couple of the races. I then got hurt and started the downward spiral that became the last 4-5 years. In 2013, I had the worst year of racing ever. I had just started a family and running took a backseat.  I barely did any real training and only raced a lot of local stuff here in the valley...and trail races.  2014 started out halfway decent but I got derailed by missing Redhook again due to getting banged up at Wachusett the day before and then I signed up for VT 50 and spent a good deal of the summer focusing on that and didn't compete in the series.   In 2015 I had every intention of doing the series but got a stress fracture after the first race (the day after actually).  I only came back to run one other race that year.

In all I've done 45 Seacoast Series races total since 'accidentally' doing 3 of them in 2007 (I wasn't trying to do the series then).  I first discovered the series back in the winter of 2006/2007 when I was studying the layout of the land with regards to the New England road racing scene. I was just getting back into running again and had been trying to figure out what races to go to in the upcoming season.  I got ahold of the 2007 New England Runner Road Race Calendar and saw an awesome photo of a race start that immediately made me want to go out and race whatever race that was. I remember putting one copy up at work and the other one at home in my office.  I made it a point to figure out what race it was and to sign up for the next one.  Since my college teammate BJ was on the cover, I asked him what race it was. When he told me it was from the 2006 Redhook Brewery 5k, I immediately looked it up and signed up the first day it opened and started keeping an eye on the series it was a part of...  From that point on, I have never missed signing up for Redhook...although I have failed to reach the line a few years due to injuries.  I always plan to run that race.  From there, I learned about the Children's Museum race and Market Square Day and from there it was just ingrained into my running schedule.

Awesome photo of the cover of the race that got me hooked on road racing.  It's a picture of the hardcopy I still have.

The photo has a bunch of mid-2000s regulars on the scene including winner Mark Coogan, Dave Hinga, Nate Huppe, Scott Rowe, Scott Clark, Rod Viens, Tim Rider, Mike Slinskey, etc. I've gotten the calendar every year since this and I still think this was the best one (so far).

Here's a complete breakdown of my Seacoast races in total since I first did them in 2007 (and related stats):

All Time Series Wins: 9 
  • Children's Museum = 4
  • York Days = 2
  • Fox Point = 2
  • Redhook = 1
Runner Up: 12
Worst placement (other than the one DNF): 10th
Years I did all 8 races: 2 (2008, 2009)

Year Race Place Time Notes / Excuses
2007 Redhook 7th 16:33 My first 'big race'.
2007 Market Square 10th 34:07 My second 'big race'.
2007 Harbour Trail DNF - Dropped out at a mile. Huppe for the win! Last year of this race in the series. Race is no more but I did go back in 2009 and got 2nd to Ethan Hemphill.
2008 Children's Museum 2nd 15:56 Last time this race was in Portsmouth. Sam Wood for the win! Race is now in Dover.
2008 Redhook 1st 15:32 Duel with Dan Princic over the last mile. My first Seacoast series win!
2008 Market Square 4th 33:01 1 Kenyan and 2 Keenyans in front of me.
2008 York Days 1st 15:46 Another good Seacoast series win!
2008 Saunders 4th 32:58 Alliette for the win! I was still recovering from almost dying at Savoy.
2008 Fox Point 1st 27:42 DOUBLE. Ran Ollie 5-Miler earlier that morning.
2008 Great Island 4th 15:55 Again, 1 Kenyan and 2 Keenyans in front of me.
2008 Great Bay 2nd 15:53 Miller for the win!
2009 Children's Museum 3rd 16:13 Mahoney for the win!
2009 Redhook 2nd 15:38 DOUBLED up with Wachusett day before. Mentzer for the win!
2009 Market Square 3rd 32:45 Moulton and Mentzer 1-2.
2009 York Days 2nd 15:46 Mentzer for the win!
2009 Saunders 3rd 32:20 Mentzer for the win! Alliette sub 32!
2009 Fox Point 3rd 28:23 Got directed the wrong way! DOUBLED and ran Ollie 5-Miler earlier that morning!
2009 Great Island 5th 15:48 3 Kenyans and Mark Miller up ahead!
2009 Great Bay 2nd 15:38 Scotty McGrath for the win!
2010 Children's Museum 3rd 15:53 Wiles for the win!
2010 Redhook 3rd 15:34 DOUBLED up with Wachusett day before. Wiles for the win!
2010 Market Square 7th 32:47 Had a terrible race but the time wasn't too bad looking back (and compared to what I run now!)
2010 York Days 2nd 15:27 Mentzer for the win! 15:05!
2010 Saunders 2nd 31:53 Sub 32! Mentzer for the win! 10K PR.
2010 Great Bay 3rd 15:31 Crowell for the win. Mahoney outkicks and humiliates me in a 5k!
2011 Children's Museum 1st 15:46 Pulled away from Crowell after 2 miles.
2011 Redhook 2nd 15:28 DOUBLED up with a WIN at Wachusett day before. Wiles for the win at Redhook!
2011 Market Square 3rd 31:56 Wiles for the win. P.Moulton 2nd. One of my best races ever. Close to a PR.
2012 Children's Museum 3rd 16:13 Was injured. Newbould for the win!
2012 Redhook 2nd 15:37 DOUBLED up with Wachusett day before. Huebner for the win!
2012 Market Square 2nd 32:33 Gomez for the win! My best placement at MSD.
2012 York Days 1st 15:40 DOUBLED up and ran Carver 5M the day before in 25:35.
2012 Saunders 2nd 32:32 Huebner for the win!
2012 Great Bay 4th 16:23 Was injured. Only race I ran in 2012 after August. Just ran to place in the series.
2013 Market Square 5th 33:10 Awful. Worst year for my racing/running.
2014 Children's Museum 1st 16:25 Slow but a win! Nobody close.
2014 Market Square 5th 34:06 Awful. 3 dudes went the wrong way.
2015 Children's Museum 1st 15:49 Great race. Day before I got a stress fracture.
2015 Fox Point 1st 26:50 Good race back from missing all summer with a stress fracture.
2016 Children's Museum 1st 16:10 I ran well enough for a rare Seacoast win in my old age!
2016 Redhook 3rd 15:58 Alex McGrath outkicks Leuchanka!
2016 Market Square 9th 33:57 May have been my worst race ever.
2016 York Days 5th 16:15 DOUBLED UP and Won Stratham the day before. Hottest two race days of the entire year.
2016 Saunders 2nd 34:05 Hot but still just ran like crap. Garfield for the strong win and PR!
2016 Fox Point 3rd 26:39 Not a bad race. Millennium's cutest couple for the handholding win!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 6 - Sunday - Weekly Recap

I've been slacking a bit with the last few days and updates...But here's the recap of the week...

October 31 (Monday) - 8 miles
November 01 (Tuesday) - 9 miles (60:00)
November 02 (Wednesday) - 8 miles easy.
November 03 (Wednesday) - 9.35 miles (60:00)
November 04 (Wednesday) - 6 miles easy.
November 05 (Wednesday) - off. Daddy duty all day. Built a shelf.
November 06 (Wednesday) - 10 miles (69:40).

Total: 50.35 miles on 6 runs. Unfortunately 1 day off again but hopefully I fix that sh*t.

I'm trending in the right direction.  35.2, 45.6, and now 50.35...those are my last 3 weeks since I retired from ultras.  Back to work this coming week.

Looking at the race results, it was great to see my mates on CMS run so well today and get yet another team win at the GP marathon.  Vassallo and Mindel ran their asses off (no surprises there).  E-Narc ran tough and fast enough to help the team wrap up another GP team win at the marathon distance.  CMS will finish 2nd to BAA by 5 or so points in the overall GP team competition.  Nothing I could have done would have helped the team finish any higher today so I'm not as bummed that I missed it after seeing how well they ran through the rolling streets of Manchester.  I hope to help with some GPs next year in BOTH the open and masters categories.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the GP schedule is going to look like for 2017, now that 2016 is finally in the books.

After watching the NYC marathon this morning, I had grand aspirations to go hit a new permission or a few different sites possibly down south a bit, but ended up just walking up into the backyard again and detecting for about 2.5 hours.  Mostly just covering spots I couldn't quite get access to in the summer when everything was grown in.  I landed 5 buttons, an 1863 'fat' Indian Head, a small musket ball, a buckle, an old pocket knife, another axe head (#20), and some other junk... all in all it was a good day swingin'.  Not too many of these left unfortunately... Winter. Is. Comin'.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

November 3 - Thursday

More mill action tonight with a 9.35 mile effort in 60 minutes.  Started out easy and got progressively quicker with the last couple miles in the 5:4x range.  Got a late start and it was pretty busy in there tonight but I snuck it in.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2 - Wednesday

An easy 8 miles on the mill at The Mill.  It was a beautiful day out... should have run outside when it was light out... didn't. Then almost took a zero....Forced myself to get down there late.  Thought about doing just 5 or 6....but then did 8 like I planned and got outta there... It's gonna be a long winter.

The 'new' view at the weight-machine-thingy.

Poison Ivy Update... starting to dry out...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1 - Tuesday

9 miles in 60:00 at the mill.  That is all.

Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31 - Monday - Happy Halloween!

The pumpkin carving Kristin did today...
The same old 8 miles on the mill right after work and then it was down to Burke Field (a half mile down the street) to Trunk or Treat.  The girls had a good time dressed up in their princess costumes and they got their fair share of candy... there were less cars there this year but there was a cool bus from Halloween Town that was there and it was completely converted to a haunted house which was pretty cool. Morgan was freaked out and Tabby was just mesmerized.

Family photo...rare that everyone is looking at the camera!

A Madison firefighter hookin' it up...

Kristin with the girls...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 30 - Sunday - Weekly Recap

I got in 45.6 miles for the week with another day off again but 2 decent back to back efforts on the mill with a slightly uptempo hill run and a light progression run.  Not too bad.  I would have had over 50 if I ran on Saturday.  But this is a decent step forward as I don't want to jump too high too soon after the time off.

October 24 (Monday) - 6.2 miles
October 25 (Tuesday) - 8 miles
October 26 (Wednesday) - 8 miles
October 27 (Thursday) - 8 miles
October 28 (Friday) - 9.4 miles
October 29 (Saturday) - off
October 30 (Sunday) - 6 miles

Total: 45.6 miles

I had to put up w/ poison ivy all week and keep on top of that as it seemed to spread throughout the week. Hopefully it's under control now.

Due to crap weather and the earlier sunsets, I didn't get out detecting all week... plus I was dreading having to clean up all my stuff as I knew there'd be some poison ivy oils all over everything for sure....I did get out on Sunday for about 5 hours (after hopefully thoroughly cleaning my machine, shovel, and other equipment.... I landed ANOTHER 1857 Flying Eagle cent.  My third this year.  This coin is relatively rare as far as the date range goes.  They did circulate them for 2 years (1857 and 1858).  They only made 750 of them total in 1856.  But in the other two years they minted 17 and 24 million of them (a normal distribution)... but for only having been distributed for 2 years out there, I have found 3 of them from 1857 just in Madison alone.  2 of them in the same location (the only 2 coins I've ever found there actually) and one in my back yard.  Crazy.  I'm basically only 1 year off from finding a braided hair large cent.  They actually did make those in 1857 as well... the last year. I have yet to find a 'largie'.  Time is running out on the year and I'll probably only be able to hunt on the weekends now until the snow flies...hoping to land some more goodies before having to put everything away for the year....

Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 29 - Saturday

Spent the entire soggy day down in MA at a birthday party.  I brought my stuff to do a few easy miles and coordinated with Scotty McGrath to get out for some miles but ran out of daylight. The birthday cake didn't make it's appearance until it was dark outside so I didn't meet up with him and took an off day instead.  Good day with the family and the girls had a great time playing with their cousins...

The girls with their cousins... 
It was Matty's birthday but that didn't stop them from wanting to blow out his candles...

She's 2...blowing out a 9 year old's candle

Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28 - Friday

Back to the Mill again for a run on 'the mill'.  9.41 miles in 60:00. Easy progression run. I like this time of year there as it's nice and quiet.  Unlike yesterday, I remembered my iPod tonight so at least I had some tunes to listen to.

It's been a good week so far, all things considered...but there's still plenty of time for it to all fall apart.

Poison ivy update... it SUCKS.  It's a weeping gross mess that has just blown up now on both arms and elsewhere in random spots.  It has expanded 100 fold on my arm since I first had it start bothering me at the beginning of the week.  What a nightmare.  I got horrendous sleep last night with not only this bothering me but also I may have overdone it with my allergy medication as I was a jittery, fevery mess for a few hours in the middle of the night.  Couple all this in with my ribs not allowing me to roll over in bed or sleep on my right side, and needless to say it's not good.  I'm falling apart.

still rockin' the SIX03 sweatpants...all week strong.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 27 - Thursday

Back to the Mill after work for another 8 miles. 55:49.  Did a hill circuit this time though.  First 4 miles was alternating a hill program between 3.5 and 7.8 %.  Occasionally there would be a min. of 1.5 % in there for reprieve.  Last 4 were on the lowest program that was between 0 and 1.5 %.  Just something to mix it up a bit rather than the same 8 mile run.  Legs feel OK. Ribs were an issue again but manageable.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26 - Wednesday

Got back down to the Mill after work to get 'back to work'.  8 miles on the mill.  55:49.  I don't want to get too greedy.  With 3 weeks off and only 35 miles on 6 days last week, I don't want to jump up too high with the volume just yet.  Ribs feel a lot better when I'm running and sitting around but laying down and trying to sleep on that side is still very painful.

I talked to Downtown Darin Brown again for about 4.2 of those 8 miles.  He was banging out some miles in preparation for this weekend's Great Bay 5k (which I'm sitting out of).  He's looking for a big PR (masters).  That's his PR course so we'll see.  So far at the mill it has been only him and I other souls dare enter the depths of the most painful room in all of East Madison.  Come January 1st it will be filled with the dreamers again....for a month at most.  Most fizzle out within a couple weeks.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25 - Tuesday

And it's that time of year again... a little early this year but it flurried all day and was cold so I decided to jump back down to the Mill again and get started on buildin' some hurtin bombs.  8 miles in 55:49.  Saw Downtown Darin Brown in there just finishing up his miles on the mill as I started mine.

Side note of awesomeness... this is just part of some sweet poison ivy I picked up when I was down in MA metal detecting on Sunday at Kristin's parents house.  I have a bit more 'down under' some how... below the belt.  I'm not sure how that happened... The funny thing is that I knew I was poking around the stuff but had an awesome signal and tried to pick around it ...I have it on video where I actually say 'I hope this isn't poison ivy'...but it obviously was.  I ended up pulling that nice military serviceman's button out of it...but paid the price.  I had to wash my clothes multiple times and still ended up throwing them away.  I threw away all my gloves and will have to heavily scrub my machine now if I take it out again this year....but it may be all she wrote for the season.  We'll see.  For now, this is the price I pay for the good relics.  I'll spare you the photo of the other area for now.

Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24 - Monday

10k run (6.2 miles) incorporating some roads and trails in town. Was going to go longer but my original loop was going to take me through the chain of ponds trails and it sounded like Fallujah in there with hunting season in full swing (although deer rifle season hasn't started yet...could have been small game or black bear hunters).  I scared a deer right out of the bushes as soon as I hit the trails along the power lines and then the shooting started and got closer and closer the more I headed towards that area so I just decided to follow the tracks out and run back on the road so the run was a little shorter than originally planned.  My ribs felt the best they've felt on a run so far but just shy of a mile in, I slipped on the edge of the pavement where it meets the sandy shoulder and stumbled a bit and actually tweaked my damn ribs again... not too bad though, but it sucked feeling a pull in that area when it's getting better.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 23 - Sunday - Weekly Recap

I was down in MA all day on Sunday... up before the sun, back after it set. I actually got back home about 10:00pm so I wasn't about to try to sneak in 5 miles.  I put in 6 days in a row back this week from 3 weeks of basically nothing.  Trying to reset and start a push towards the 2017 plans.  I ended up with 35 miles this week with the one day off. I was anticipating trying for 5 a day anyways so it was right about where I wanted to put a first week back.  Every step was pretty uncomfortable but the last 24 hours or so have been a lot better with my ribs. It's been a noticeable step forward in the right direction.  We'll see how this coming week goes.

I did get a chance to detect my wife's parent's house down in the south shore of MA but didn't' have much luck with old coins. I found 60+ coins in total but mostly modern clad and zinc pennies.  I did land an 1864 Indian (my FIRST signal of the day) which was weird because nothing else was even close. I had 3 wheats as well but the rest were modern.  I did find a WWI or WWII serviceman's button which was awesome.  Kristin's great uncle who lived in the house for 80 or so years was in WWI and his son was killed in WWII.  I also found a seemingly gold ring (which I had to 'donate' to her mom)...I think it was an alloy of some sort though. It was too dirty to be solid gold.  It could have had some plating on it.  It also had a small dark gemstone still in it.  I found a cool looking old scale, a broach pin, and another couple of buckles and odds and ends as well.  NO SILVER.  WTF.  SOMEONE had to have been there before.  They said no one to their knowledge has ever metal detected it before but I bet that from the 1970s - mid 1980s when Kristin's parents bought the place from her great uncle, he or someone else had already cherrypicked the place.  There's no way I'd find this many newer coins and almost zero old coins without someone having already poked around....All things considered though, not too bad.  It's always nice to detect a new area and dream about finding some good stuff.  Nice weather too...but winter is coming!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 22 - Saturday

6 miles at lunchtime in some wet but mild conditions.  Way overdressed.  Felt a little tired and side was a little bit of an issue still but not awful.  Took it relatively easy compared to yesterday's effort.  Headed down to the parents house for the day w/ the girls.  6 days running in a row.  It's been a while since that happened.  Tomorrow is a busy day and I'll be lucky to get a run in but we'll see.

Friday, October 21, 2016

October 21 - Friday

6 miles (solo) from house. Out and back on 113/41 so pretty flat.  Slightly quicker than I should probably be trying to run right now but I'm eager to get going.  Ribs are problematic as usual.  Doctor said 4-6 weeks and I'm starting to believe it...At first I was like 'no way it will take that long' I'm HOPING it will be ok by then. Weather was crap and I got a late start so it was probably for the best that I only did 6...although 6 kind of feels like 12 right now... I know that will pass though.

Also, with getting this in the mail today, I guess I will need to train this winter... That kind of gets in the way of me being a lazy slob we'll see.  One time I showed up to this race prepared...and then, a bunch of times...I didn't.  The sh*tty thing is that this race is 6 days...SIX DAYS BEFORE my 40th birthday.  So I will only be still 39.  That sucks.  In 2018, I will basically be a few days away from 41 when I get to run Boston as a 40 year old.  Do you think if I emailed the BAA about this, they would consider pushing the 2018 race out a week?  It wouldn't be on Patriots day anymore but it would help my situation.

More junk mail from the BAA

Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 20 - Thursday

Snuck in 5 miles today lunch... Did the Madison '5k' course and then continued on the train tracks and popped out on Forest Pines and back out to the house.  Felt a little beat during the 4th mile because I was probably running a bit too fast..but recovered well enough to make it back to the house.  Hips and legs a bit tight and tired as I would have expected for this week. Ribs are still killing me but better than the previous 3 weeks.  It makes it tough to breathe deep when I'm running which is a problem for anything under a certain pace... The goal was to go from 0 miles the last 3 weeks to 40ish this week so I'm well on my way to rolling in in the 40s without much trouble...then maybe bump it up a bit to 60 or so next week ....but everything still easy.  It's weird running through an injury that has nothing to do with my legs, feet, calves, hamstrings, knees, etc.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19 - Wednesday

Easy 5 miles today at lunch...up to the top of Shackford Pass and back down to the house.  Solo.  Beautiful day...a few ticks south of 80 degrees according to my thermometer.  Nice and easy...will probably alternate 5 and 8s this week just to try to ease back into it.  Ribs were a little rough today but I got through it.

backyard colors...