Sunday, January 13, 2019

Training Week: January 07 - January 13

Week of January 07 - January 13

01-07 - [Monday] 8 miles (58:53). Depot Rd. from Troop E. in Tamworth with Darin Brown and Nick.  Out and back. Starting to get cold!  Feeling like shart.  Headcold in full effect.

01-08 - [Tuesday] 6 miles (51:13).  Snowshoe run (solo). First legit one of the year and really the first one in a couple years at least.  Roads were just too snowy to risk it.  Ran 3 out and back on Corridor 19 from the Silver Lake train station.  It wasn't groomed yet but had plenty of traffic on it to have a nice single rail the whole time.  3 miles exactly to Boulder Rd. and back. Hacking up a lung.

01-09 - [Wednesday] 10 miles (1:07:14).  From the Ranger Station. Out and back on the Kanc. Solo.  The Kanc was an absolute mess. Barely plowed.  Super risky but I slip-slided my way to a decent run all things considered. Only 9 cars in any direction, so it was pretty quiet.  Snowed almost the entire time as well.  Good run for a crap day. Feeling slightly better.  Nyquil at night is a godsend.  I have a cough but it's seemingly not as bad as my kids had it.

01-10 - [Thursday] -

    am: 5 miles (35:51). Easy neighborhood roads. Solo.  Up and back on East Madison Rd. + up a little and down on Pound Rd. Roads wet and sloppy but no ice.

    pm: 1 hour of sledding.  Was ready to go out but Tabby asked me to go outside and play when she got home from school (only have about an hour of daylight at that point).  Didn't take long to prioritize fun in the snow w/ my girls (all 3 of them) over some more miles on crappy roads.  This could come back to bite me over the next few days if I want to have any sort of good mileage this week.

01-11 - [Friday] - 8.1miles (56:50).  Easy cold headlamp miles around Madison/Silver Lake. Had to run later in the day which is not ideal in the winter time. Surprised I got up enough sack to get out the door late and in the freezing cold but I got it done.  The roads in town are really not good for running now that the snowbanks are 5 feet high and what is left of any shoulder is all solid ice.  I'm still way behind this week.  Will have to binge this weekend. I guess I 'could' have gotten up early this morning and snuck in a run in the dark before Tabby went to school but...running in the morning sucks and running in the morning in the bitter cold is even worse.

01-12 - [Saturday] - let the binge begin...

am: 13 miles (1:32:15).  Early morning start (6:15am). 10 with Thomas Pore on West Side Rd. from the train station in North Conway village. Then 3 solo around the Cranmore neighborhoods.  -4 degrees at the start. +5 degrees at the end.  Windchill was making it feel a lot worse.

lunch: 5 miles (36:32).  Slightly warmer at probably 15 degrees.  Some lunch garbage miles making up for lost time this week.  Madison / Silver Lake neighborhoods.

pm: 5 miles (37:45).  Even more garbage miles up in East Madison. Just easy running, trying not to seize up.  31 miles in 23 hours.

01-13 - [Sunday] 10  miles (1:08:32). Even COLDER Morning run w/ Tom again in North Conway. A loop near Echo Lake and one in NoCo Village to make 5. Then I ran it again solo.  Bloody cold out. -6 at the start. -2 at the end.  On the first loop I started to feel discomfort and then pain in my captain's quarters area... on the second loop I could no longer feel my crotch. Animals that live outside right now have got to be pissed.

Weekly Summary:  70.4 miles. (according to Strava with all the slight overage each day adding up to an additional .4 miles).  A little over 4000 feet of climbing which is decent considering I didn't really do any real 'climbing' this week.  The one snowshoe run I did was the flattest run possible (on railroad tracks).

For a week that started out lackluster, this ended up working out. I was sick most of the week but honestly I think getting out in the cold and getting in some runs actually helped me get over it quicker.  My back was a non-issue this week which was good.  I also decided to stay local and run w/ Tom Pore who bought a place in Conway this year and comes up for the weekend in the winter time.  It saves me from having to get up at 4-something a.m. and drive 90+ minutes to a seacoast run to meet up with people.  Since I don't particularly need 'long' runs this winter, it may work out for the better.  Tom's training for Boston so I may be able to get in some longer efforts with him and not have to spend half the day driving.  We'll see.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Training Week: December 31 - January 06

7 of the 8 from the Sunday morning group. 20 on the southern ME seacoast.

Week of December 31, 2018 - January 06

12-31 - [Monday] - 10.6 miles (1:11:24). Madison/Tamworth Washington Hill Loop w/ Tall Pines add-on. Roads were really icy in spots. Back started to get stiff. Ran through it which turned out to be a mistake.

01-01 - [Tuesday] - 3.1 miles (24:38).  Up and back on East Madison Rd. Barely a shuffle.  Threw out the back completely while shoveling super heavy wet snow.  Took 3 hours to shovel on an already bad back.  I couldn't go any faster or any farther. 

01-02 - [Wednesday] - 8 miles (59:16).  From the Ranger Station on the Kanc w/ Darin and Nick Brown. Up to Passaconaway Rd and back. Back is really bad.  Super stiff. Very limited mobility.

01-03 - [Thursday] -

    am: 5.1 miles (37:11). Easy neighborhood roads. Solo.  Back really sore and stiff. Very little mobility again but trying to get the miles in. Back slowly getting better.

    pm: 6 miles (43:24).  Another easy neighborhood run. Solo. Same story. Back super stiff.  Can't go much harder than this without serious pain so keeping it easy.

01-04 - [Friday] -

    am: 5.1 miles (34:51). Easy on the Kanc from Ranger Station. Solo.  Back still stiff but either I'm getting used to it or it's actually getting better.

    pm: 8 miles (59:53).  Easy Darin and Nick Brown. West Side Rd. to Passaconaway. Up to the trailhead and back. Back and hammies stiff.  I think other things are starting to get sore from me trying to run w/ the stiff back.

01-05 - [Saturday] - 5 miles (38:30). Easy Madison roads with Darin.

01-06 - [Sunday] - 20.1  miles (2:24:40).  Seacoast group run down in Kittery, ME with Matt Sawyer, Matt Garfield, Derrick Hamel, Mike Guarascio, Shiloh Schulte, Kanoa King, and Chris Dunn. Roads pretty icy in spots. Back was actually tolerable today. Neck got really stiff late in the run. I felt really sick and run down on the way home and just held of puking (barely). Going to be sick all week as now I have a full blown cold (as does my entire family).

Weekly Summary:  71 miles

With the back issues and the weather and road conditions being a mixed bag, it was a slower tempo this week overall, but decent volume all things considered. Also I was approaching 5k of climbing on normal road runs so that's keeping it honest.  Otherwise, it was lots of stretching, foam rolling, heating pad, etc. this week.  Just tried to stay loose enough to run.  It was a real struggle to get 50 in by the end of Saturday and then a huge effort to get the 20 in with the way I felt by Sunday morning.  As I write this, my back is a bit tight and I'm also now starting to get sick. Both my girls have fevers and have been super sick the last couple days so this week should be interesting.

Friday, September 21, 2018


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Week 10 - March 05 - March 11

The view from the treadmill on Thursday afternoon.
Week of March 05 - March 11

03-05 - [Monday] PM: 6 miles (42:12). Easy Ossipee lake neighborhood from Shawtown with Matt Edgar who lives in Freedom now...good training partner.
03-06 - [Tuesday] PM: 10 miles (75:00)(easy treadmill). Legs still smoked from the weekend.
03-07 - [Wednesday] PM: 10 miles (71:21) Easy Shawtown/Danforth roads w/ Matt Edgar again. First 6 normal w/ Matt, then convinced him to do 2 more easy, then last 2 normal by myself.  In the beginning of the snowstorm.
03-08 - [Thursday] - Weather was a nightmare. AM run was replaced by shoveling and snow blowing, as I could not get my car out of the driveway, even in 4wd, when I attempted to go to the mill for my lunch run. PM: 11 miles (1:16:40)(mill). Blueberry Joe back on the horse.... Got to shoot the breeze and get him caught up on all the latest Mill gossip.
03-09 - [Friday] - AM: 5 miles (37:30)(mill). PM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill).
03-10 - [Saturday] - PM: 10 miles (64:46)(mill). Started slow and worked down to 5:30s for last couple miles (which 'feels' like 4:30s).
03-11 - [Sunday] - AM: 20.1 miles (2:13:33). Portsmouth, New Castle, Rye (I got 3 town lines with authority during this run) with Matt Garfield, Chris Dunn (the younger), and Shiloh Schulte (who organized the run).  Shiloh's plan was 3 warmup from Runner's Alley in Market Square... then 14 at sub 6:30 tempo.... then 3 cooldown.  Matt, Shiloh, and I did a couple up into Kittery, ME and back to pick up Chris... then we headed out for another loop along the NH seacoast.  A little windy in spots but all in all a great run.  Pretty good pacing (thanks Matt) gave us pretty even splits.  Ended the tempo piece right at the top of the Sagamore hill and then the last few miles were down around Portsmouth's downtown (dropping Chris back off in the middle).  Great morning for a run.  There was a slight interruption during the tempo as Chris suddenly said 'oh man I think I ate too much for breakfast' and then immediately pulled off to puke for a couple minutes on the side of Rt. 1A.  Then, like a champ and true 'Cutter', he wiped the puke off his chin, rubbed a little dirt on it, and got right back on pace.  We tried to take his mind off it by reminiscing about when Patrick Rich bowled him over during a handoff at Reach the Beach last September.  Good times.

80.1 miles for the week on 8 runs.  10th straight week at at least 80 miles.  My experiment is basically to prove to everyone that you can indeed run 80 miles a week for a few months and still NOT be in shape. We will confirm this in short order.

The weather this week was a big pile of dump as we got socked with a mile of snow on Thursday (like most of New England I'm sure).  Looks like more on the way this week. Not thrilled... but hopefully I can continue to force some outside runs.

I was pretty happy with the weekend runs. I pretty much ran at the last minute on Saturday night which in hindsight was probably a mistake with the looming long run on Sunday morning and losing an hour of sleep due to springing the clocks ahead an hour... but I survived. Met up with Garfield and Shiloh and the younger Chis Dunn for a 20 spot on the seacoast again. The plan was 3 mile w/ up + 14 at just under 6:30 and then 3 mile cooldown. That's pretty much exactly what happened.  It was pretty windy at times but we all just tucked in behind Matt, hung on, and we were ok.

For those of you who are training for the Boston Marathon (which admittedly is a stupid idea if you live in New England), you may want to start following this guy for important training tips. He's one of my weekend long-run partners and the only guy on those runs that actually makes me feel almost young again.  Thanks for being 44 or 48 or whatever you are, Matt.

My usual parking spot at the Mill on Saturday night. The bridge out the island is all lit up.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Week 9 - February 26 - March 04

York, Maine w/ the seacoast crew. I needed the half tights and all the help I could get to stay w/ these guys.

Week of February 26 - March 04

02-26 - [Monday] PM: 6 miles (41:33)(neighborhoods). Lazy later in the day.
02-27 - [Tuesday] - PM: 10 miles (1:07:20)(roads with Darin Brown). Darin pushing the pace.
02-28 - [Wednesday] AM: 5 miles (37:11)(roads...middle miles with Darin Brown easy). PM: 8 miles (57:50)(easy roads w/ Matt Edgar in Freedom from Shawtown.)
03-01 - [Thursday] - AM: 10 miles (1:05:04)(roads).
03-02 - [Friday] - AM: miles (37:30)( easy mill) PM: 8 miles (60:00)(easy mill)
03-03 - [Saturday] - AM: 13.2 miles (1:21:42)(Maine seacoast with Thomas Pore, Matt Sawyer, Chris Dunn, and Shiloh Schulte. 1 w/up + 10 steady (58:49) + 2.2 cooldown. Rolling and windy but kept it pretty steady. Didn't feel quite as vibrant as I would have liked in the 5:50s but then again, I don't remember the last time I did that.  (5:53/5:56/5:50/5:50/5:51/5:53/5:55/5:50/6:01/5:50).  Only 10-15 more of these type of runs and I'll start to feel better about them.
03-04 - [Sunday] - AM: 10 miles (1:12:17)(easy out and back on the Kanc). PM: 5 miles (38:22)(easy neighborhood shakeout in snow flurries to cap the week off).

80.2 miles for the week on 10 runs.

Another 80+ mile week in the books. 9 in a row now to start 2018.  'Doin' the bull dance' as Bob Wiles would say... 

Wrapped up February with 317.5 miles.  Not too bad for a short month.  That's a little over 11 miles per day average.  I've been trying to get outside more, which has been nice.  It's been a little tough recently with the volume mostly all on the treadmill. I'm starting to feel slightly better outside.  Got a good 10 mile tempo effort in on Saturday w/ the guys down in Maine again.  My grade-adjusted pace on Strava was slightly better than each actual split, which means we were handling the rolling terrain pretty well (and the wind at times).  The goal was 60 minutes over that route...we were well under, so that's a positive I guess. I ran very even. I was definitely feeling fatigued at the end but not losing any time.

In other non-running news, I got a new detector this week (Garrett AT MAX).  It will be a good water machine this year as my older AT PRO is a little flakey and my Makro Racer 2 isn't waterproof.  I took it down to the beach in York to try to get some detecting in after the run on Saturday but alas, there was a slight problem.  The beach was gone.  Crazy conditions down by the water after the storm on Friday.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

February 2018 Recap lucky snowman in what's left of winter in the back yard this week.

February 2018 Recap:

Miles: 317.5
Runs: 32
Average per day: 11.3
Days Off: 0
Singles: 24
Doubles: 4
Longest Run: 21.2 miles
Shortest Run: 5 miles
Longest Day: 21.2 miles
Shortest Day: 5 miles
Treadmill Runs: 21
Outdoor Runs: 11
Injuries: 0
Races: 0

As in January of 2015, I ran more miles in February of that year than I did this year.  17.3 miles shy of my all time high. I'm not that worried though because I've put together a consistent base.  I still feel brutally slow and heavy but hopefully soon that will come around once I start getting some rust busters under my belt.  It was actually my third highest February, but in 2016, it was a leap year and I was only 8.3 back of that total. I'd like to think I would have easily gotten that with an extra day to run.

Post Collegiate February Mileage:
(prior to 2013 I had virtually no treadmill runs in the winter... just about everything was outside or on an indoor track)

2018: 317.5 miles - 0 days off.
2017: 280.2 miles - 1 day off.
2016: 325.8 miles - 0 days off.
2015: 334.8 miles - 0 days off.
2014: 196 miles - 8 days off.
2013: 148.4 miles - 8 days off.
2012: 251 miles - 3 days off.
2011: 300.4 miles - 1 day off.
2010: 227.8 miles - 5 days off.
2009: 312.2 miles - 2 days off.
2008: 296.3miles - 1 day off.
2007: ???? - I have the records of these days I'll compile everything.
2000-2006 - 0 miles in all Januaries combined.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week 8 - February 19 - February 25

Week of February 19 - February 25

02-19 - [Monday] PM: 5 miles (37:03)(easy 'flat' neighborhood roads).
02-20 - [Tuesday] AM: 5 miles (34:39)(E. Madison Rd/Maple Grove up and back). PM: 8 miles (easy mill)(60:00).
02-21 - [Wednesday] AM: 10 miles (1:04:28)(113/41/Kingswood + neighborhood).
02-22 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (1:15:00)(easy mill).
02-23 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles (1:15:00)(easy mill).
02-24 - [Saturday] - AM: 21.2 miles (2:29:15) roads from the University of New England around the Biddeford, Maine coast area with Thomas Pore, Matt Sawyer, Matt Daly, and Derrick Hamel.
02-25 - [Sunday] - AM: 6 miles (45:00)(easy mill).  PM: 5 miles (37:30)(easy mill).

80.2 miles for the week on 9 runs.

Another 80+ mile week in the books.  That is 8 weeks of 80+ now in a row.  I started the week off with my shortest day of the year. My legs were pretty battered from 20 on the treadmill last Sunday so I needed to ease into the week. Unfortunately I didn't start to actually feel better until Saturday.  Got a good run in on Saturday morning over in Maine w/ a good crew.  It's been fun meeting up with runners for a change this winter.  I'm still only getting in a base but hope to start chiseling away some workouts when the weather finally breaks.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Week 7 - February 12 - February 18

Valentines Day w/ my girls...

Week of February 12 - February 18

02-12 - [Monday] PM: 10 miles (69:48)(mill). Sick.
02-13 - [Tuesday] - PM: 10 miles (66:40)(mill). Sick.
02-14 - [Wednesday] PM: 10 miles (75:00)(mill). Feel awful. Head cold or scurvy or SARS or some sh*t.
02-15 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (76:15)(roads) with Darin. Good to get outside.
02-16 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles (77:00)(roads) with Darin again.
02-17 - [Saturday] - PM: 10 miles (69:48)(mill) after napping and laying around all day.
02-18 - [Sunday] - PM: 20 miles (2:19:33)(mill) at the last minute... The struggle is real...

80 miles for the week on 7 runs.

Talk about 80 the hard way. I felt like even more crap piled into that tiny bag than last week.  The last few days were pretty miserable with being dead tired and having ongoing headaches and just feeling like balls throughout the day.  I only ran one run each day this week and that came back to bite me in the arse by Sunday as around 4:00 pm or so I realized I still needed 20 to get 80.  I reluctantly got my 80 miles in but it was brutal. I did it without caring about making it effective. Just set the treadmill on 8.6mph, 0 % grade, and stared straight ahead for 2+ hrs and tried to not contemplate offing myself.  I probably did more damage than anything else... we'll see how I feel in the morning.

This makes 7 straight weeks of 80+ miles (which I've never done) and 11 straight weeks of over 70.  I'm still actually behind my 2015 pace for mileage but by May of that year, I was out w/ injury... so I'm not really trying to be ahead of that total per se.  I'm just trying to get my 11+ per day average (to try to land at 4k for the year). I know I probably just cursed myself with admitting that goal publicly... I think doing basically NO fast workouts or quality runs is preventing injury (which is good) but it's also making me just feel like a slow distance runner.  This week was all about getting in my miles while not completely falling apart physically. I guess mission accomplished. Hopefully I feel better this coming week.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 6 - February 5 - February 11

Week of February 5 - February 11

02-05 - [Monday] PM: 10 miles (75:00)(easy mill). In the ER overnight.
02-06 - [Tuesday] AM: 10 miles (69:48)(mill). Dead tired and medicated.
02-07 - [Wednesday] - PM: 8 miles (57:40)(mill). Mill closed early because of the storm so I barely got to squeak this one in.
02-08 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (63:33)(mill). Started slow, eased in and finished uptempo.
02-09 - [Friday] - AM: 12 miles (1:30:00)(mill). Easy. Breathing is bollocks.
02-10 - [Saturday] - PM: 14 miles (1:31:45)(mill). 5 w/up + 5 miles at 28:59 (2 x 2miles at 5:30 pace with 1 mile between each 11 min set) + 4 mile c/down.
02-11 - [Sunday] - AM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill). easy. PM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill). easy. Feeling sick again.

80 miles for the week on 8 runs.

For the most part it was a bad week.  I had developed some strange breathing problem a couple weeks ago that came and went. I won't get too deep into it but it came back on Sunday and I've had it all week. I'm on 4 prescriptions now. I spent the night in the ER on Monday night and had a doctor's visit on Wednesday. I'm not sure what exactly this will mean going forward but I'm struggling a bit with sleeping and of course running at full lung capacity.  I have a meeting with a specialist coming up.  So we'll see.  Got sick at the end of the week...something coming on.  Still managed to get my 80 in but it was a struggle.

In other sad news, my grandfather passed on Thursday night.  He was going to be 99 this summer.  I'm now out of grandparents officially.   He lived a long, happy life and was a great man.  They don't make men like that any more..  I'm just glad my girls got to meet him.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week 5 - January 29 - February 04

Week of January 29 - February 04

01-29 - [Monday] PM: 10.2 miles (75:00)(easy mill).
01-30 - [Tuesday] AM: 5 miles (34:52)(mill). PM: 9.2 (60:00)(mill).
01-31 - [Wednesday] PM: 10 miles (69:48)(mill).
02-01 - [Thursday] - PM: 10.2 miles (75:00)(easy mill).
02-02 - [Friday] - AM: 10 miles (63:28)(mill). Slight progression from 'slow' down to 5:45 pace.
02-03 - [Saturday] - PM: 10 miles (75:00)(easy mill).
02-04 - [Sunday] - AM: 18.1 miles (2:02:40) roads in Wakefield, NH / Acton, ME with former Salming elite athlete Matt Garfield.  Was initially supposed to be about a 21 mile loop I had planned out, but a few miles in, I knew I wouldn't be able to swing it without some serious slowing down so Matt was good with just turning and doing an out and back.  Roads were 'ok' (despite being nonstop up/down).  It was flurrying and there was no shoulder to run on, but light traffic and wet roads with no ice to speak of.  We did wear trail shoes, which I'm starting to regret as I type this.  Thanks to Matt for putting up w/ me and slowing down enough to pull me along.

82.5 miles for the week on 8 runs.

Another week of 80+. Trying to focus on the positive after dropping a deuce (figuratively) on my long run this week.  I feel like I should be feeling far better on 18-20 milers at the pace we were running (even with between 1200-1400 feet of climbing) but alas, I'm only as good as my last run and today's run stunk. It was good company, running with Matt (who's in great shape and is always great to talk running with) but I felt worse than I have at any point in the last dozen weeks. Right from the start today I felt miserable and it just didn't get any better. I just hope maybe it has everything to do with a lot of treadmill running and next to zero climbing or workouts. My last bunch of long runs haven't had that much climbing and other than those runs, I've hardly gotten outside for anything substantial.  So today's long run was a kick in the balls.  If anything (other than a mental screwjob), I got in a good workout was just at pace I should have been able to handle normally.

A snapshot of the last 5 weeks....the elevation is simply all from the long runs.  The lack of 'workouts' is also telling.  But the base is there...not sure how exactly the base is going to help....but ...I guess it's not going to hurt.  Ultra's are starting to look good.

2018 YTD Mileage

Thursday, February 1, 2018

January 2018 Recap

Sunset over an old cellar hole on E.Madison Rd.... from my living room window. January 6, 2018

January 2018 Recap:

Miles: 356.6*
Runs: 39
Average per day: 11.5
Days Off: 0
Singles: 23
Doubles: 8
Longest Run: 20.4 miles
Shortest Run: 1 mile
Longest Day: 21.4 miles
Shortest Day: 6 miles
Treadmill Runs: 28
Outdoor Runs: 11
Injuries: 0
Races: 0

* Highest January ever (at least since 2008 when I have good records) as far as total miles goes.

In 2015 I had 351.2 miles (my previous best) which started off a great first part of the year for me before I got a stress fracture.  I managed to get in just a hair more miles this January but I didn't miss a day this year.  Back in 2015, I had 1 day off in January, which makes that year arguably more impressive as I was only 5.6 miles better this month.  I also did a lot more 'workout's' in 2015.  I had at least one quality workout a week that year. So far, I really haven't done that many quality tempo or interval workouts yet at all.  That's going to be the goal for well as keeping up with the mileage buildup and maintain respectable weeks as long as my body allows me to. My Februaries have typically been worse than my Januaries, but my 2015's February total of 334.5 will be tough to beat...we'll see.

Post Collegiate January Mileage:
(prior to 2013 I had virtually no treadmill runs in the winter... just about everything was outside or on an indoor track)

2018: 356.6 miles - 0 days off.
2017: 320.4 miles - 1 day off.
2016: 278.9 miles - 3 days off.
2015: 351.2 miles - 1 day off.
2014: 305.8 miles - 2 days off.
2013: 237.2 miles - 2 days off.
2012: 201.3 miles - 3 days off.
2011: 340.2 miles - 0 days off.
2010: 295.7 miles - 0 days off.
2009: 336.6 miles - 1 day off.
2008: 333.5 miles - 0 days off.
2007: ???? - I have the records of these days I'll compile everything.
2000-2006 - 0 miles in all Januaries combined.

Below is a quick (shaky) view while standing on the treadmill (where the bulk of my mileage this time of year is done)...  This was after a couple days of very warm weather and rain we had.  The drainage of Purity Lake runs right under the Mill (hence the name) where the workout room is. It was really running wild on this day.  Typically I am there at night so I usually can't see the water...but I can always hear it.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 4 - January 22 - January 28

Week of January 22 - January 28

01-22 - [Monday] PM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill).
01-23 - [Tuesday] AM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill). PM: 8 miles (53:20)(mill).
01-24 - [Wednesday] PM: 10 miles (66:00)(mill). Interrupted workout by power outage. Mailed it in for the last few miles after power was restored.
01-25 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (69:45:00)(mill).
01-26 - [Friday] - AM: 5.1 miles (40:23). Easy (icy) roads w/ D.Brown. PM: 8 miles (57:52)(mill).
01-27 - [Saturday] - PM: 6 miles (39:51). solo roads. Felt horrendous. Worst I've felt running in a while.
01-28 - [Sunday] - AM: 15 miles (1:43:09) roads w/ Nathan Huppe from his house in Dover. Bagged (by my limited knowledge of Dover) parts of the Dover Half course, Mothers Day 5k course, Run Before You Crawl 5k course, SMA 5k course, and of course the Spirit of Recovery 5k course (which Nate lives right on).  Good solid run, touring the main streets and back roads of Dovah.  Only got 15 in, as Nate wanted no part of anything longer (he's got a strict schedule). I 'needed' 17 to get my 80mpw, so I knew I had to run again later.... PM: 3.2 miles (25:04) roads w/ Darin. A nightcap so to speak... but at 3pm.  Was a little shy of 80 and wanted to keep that going so I headed out for an easy jog and met up w/ Darin for a tiny bit.

81.3 miles for the week on 10 runs.

In the 'office'. Photo Courtesy of Blueberry Joe who was creepin' out in the hallway

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week 3 - January 15 - January 21

Week of January 15 - January 21

01-15 - [Monday] PM: 8.3 miles (60:00)(mill).
01-16 - [Tuesday] - PM: 10 miles (63:55)(mill)(slight progression up and down). Feeling sick.
01-17 - [Wednesday] - AM: 5 miles (34:55)(mill). PM: 8.3 miles (60:00)(mill). Feeling better.
01-18 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (69:44)(mill).
01-19 - [Friday] - PM: 10.3 miles (75:00)(mill).
01-20 - [Saturday] - AM: 8.1 miles (1:04:24)(easy roads w/ Darin).
01-21 - [Sunday] - AM: 20.1 miles (2:23:53). Long seacoast run again w/ Jimmy Soldner and Matt Daly. Basically an out and back on the ES20 course with a little bit of deviation inland in Rye.  Plan was to maybe do a loop but we ended up doing an out and back. Just glad to get in the run (with other people) regardless of route.

80.1 miles for the week on 8 runs.

I ran some miles this week. I wrote them down here.  I'm awesome. Everyone needs to calm themselves down.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I gained weight watching the Celtics in 2006

Following up on yesterday's post about Jo Jo White's passing, Dave Dunham emailed me asking me if that photo op was my 'biggest brush with greatness'.  I quickly responded with a no.  It was a close second...  The below is my biggest brush with greatness... posing w/ The White Mamba at the Celts season ticket holders BBQ in 2006.   Followed closely by Jo Jo.  Then Doc and Danny as close 3rd and 4th's respectively.

My favorite part of the day was listening to Sabastian Telfair get up on the stage and tell everyone how they were not going to suck that year (remember, this was 2006).

The White Mamba... (or Ginger Ninja) and yours truly. He just outweighed me at the time.

Austin's father.

Pre-heart attack Danny Ainge.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jo Jo

Flashback to FAT JJ.... 2006 (yes, only 2006...end of summer/early fall).  Before I started running again. This was right at the end of my short 7 year break from physical activity...

Kristin and I with Celtics great Jo Jo White, who passed yesterday at the age of 71.  Two time NBA Champion and Finals MVP in 1976.  Olympic gold medalist.

I am going out on a limb here and saying that Kristin (as always) looks A LOT better than I do here... Jo Jo thought the same thing. I asked for a photo w/ him and he graciously said 'sure' but then looked at Kristin taking the picture and said 'but I'd rather have a picture with her though!' ;).   You can tell by his smile.  RIP Jo Jo.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week 2 - January 8 - January 14

Week of January 8 - January 14

01-08 - [Monday] PM: 10 miles (65:22)(mill).
01-09 - [Tuesday] AM: 5 miles (34:16)(roads). PM: 8.1 miles (1:08:45)(easy snow packed roads with Darin). Slipped on the ice and fell hard right at the end.
01-10 - [Wednesday] PM: 10 miles (68:15)(mill).
01-11 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (69:44)(mill).
01-12 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles (66:40)(mill)(light hill program).
01-13 - [Saturday] - AM: 6 miles (48:00)(mill)(easy) before Tabby's birthday party (part deux).
01-14 - [Sunday] - AM: 20.4 miles (2:26:34)(roads). Rye/North Hampton/Portsmouth, NH. Crew of 7 total. First couple (missing .4 which I did before I saw Derrick) w/ Derrick Hamel who was already out running a few earlier miles, then 16 with the crew....then last couple w/ Matt Sawyer and Derrick to round out the run.  Bagged some of the ES20 course + Saunders 10K course.  Still unfortunately came up short of 80 when I came home and tallied everything 1 mile (roads) more in pitch dark w/ headlamp. Freezing cold. Just down around the school and back. That is dedication...or stupidity...but I didn't want to end shy of 80 when I was that close (and when I got 80 last week).

80.6 miles for the week on 8 runs.

Good long run, same basic volume as last week. Everything went to plan except I missed a second run on Saturday (wanted two shorter runs but only got in one).  I was outside for technically 4 runs (across just 2 days). Unfortunately one of those runs included a slip and fall that I'm still feeling in my hip and knee.  I was glad to get another long run in with a good group on Sunday. Hopefully (weather and health permitting) I can continue to do that this winter.  It will help the winter go by for sure.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Week 1 - January 1 - January 7

Week of January 1 - January 7

01-01 - [Monday] - PM: 10 miles (68:20)(mill)
01-02 - [Tuesday] - AM: 9 miles (60:00)(mill) PM: 5.3 miles (40:00)
01-03 - [Wednesday] - PM: 11 miles (1:16:45)(mill)
01-04 - [Thursday] - PM: 8 miles (53:22)(mill) as 3m w/up (easy) + 8x400 at 5:00pace (60 sec rest in between) + cooldown.
01-05 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles (75:00)(mill)
01-06 - [Saturday] - PM: 8 miles (55:49)(mill)
01-07 - [Sunday] - AM: 19 miles (2:15:23) - Portsmouth, Newington, Greenland roads with Matt Sawyer, Derrick Hamel, James Soldner, Mike Guarascio, and Thomas Pore.  Bagged the Redhook course, St. Charles Children's Home 5k course, Paddys 5M course, Fox Point course, and the Chief Maloney course (as far as I know...there could have been others). 

80.3 miles for the week on 8 runs.

More of the same on the treadmill.  I've come to the conclusion that being outside in the freezing cold is dumb.  Running in place and watching the Celtics beat on the Western Conference while wearing a t-shirt and shorts and sweating my nads off seems surprisingly more compelling to me now.  I attempted one workout which made me contemplate leaving the sport (5 minute pace feels atrocious right now and just hasn't felt right since about 6 years ago) or at the very least second guessing my goal racing distance for this year.  I never think about getting into ultras again until I'm trying to do a 5k workout...then, it's all I think about.  I got in one good long run down on the seacoast w/ some mates.  The weather outside is frightful but it's always easier when there's a group ready to roll.  I'd like to try to get one 'big boy' run outside per week this winter. We'll see how it goes.  I'm not sure if everyone knows, but it's been cold out.  Nobody's been talking about it...but it's been cold.

Obligatory 'look at me I'm awesome because I'm outside in the winter' photo. Only one icicle after 19 miles in below zero windchill. - Pease A.F.B. - Portsmouth, NH, USA.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Workout: Genesis x 3

Some Bombo-Genesis courtesy of me driving to the treadmill tonight in East Madison, NH...


Some Peter Gabriel era Genesis

Some Phil Collins era Genesis

You're welcome.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Happy New Year.

A look back at last couple months of running since this is a running blog, at least in name.  Considering I took basically July-October off from racing and any serious training, this wasn't as bad as it could have been.

November: 208.6 (4 days off)
December: 301 (2 days off)

2017 Miles = 2713.5
(2016 miles = 3099.20)

Days off = 70
Races: 19 (counting the RTB relay as 1 'race'). This is almost a career low for me in the past 10 years. Only 2007 (my first full year back racing post-collegiate) did I run less races.
Wins: 6.  Also lowest total since 2007.

I still averaged 7.4 miles per day with the 70 days off...

Last 2 months of training...(only 10 of last 61 days were outside)....

Week of 12-25 - 12-31
71.3 miles (6 days)

12-31 (Sunday) - 15 miles (1:44:40)(mill).
12-30 (Saturday) - 8.3 miles (55:45)(mill).
12-29 (Friday) - 10 miles (1:05:00)(Icy Pembroke, MA roads).
12-28 (Thursday) - 10 miles (1:20:00)(mill).
12-27 (Wednesday) - 12 miles (1:19:28)(mill).
12-26 (Tuesday) - AM: 8 miles (55:48)(mill).  PM: 8 miles (53:10)(mill).
12-25 (Monday) - Merry Christmas.

Week of 12-18 - 12-24 71 miles

12-24 (Sunday) - AM: 9 miles (73:27)(icy dirt roads) with Kevin and Ryan. PM: 3.1 miles (23:18)(mill)
12-23 (Saturday) - 10.3 miles (80:00)(mill) - Happy 5th Birthday Tabby!
12-22 (Friday) - 10.3 miles (75:00)(mill)
12-21 (Thursday) - 10 miles (mill)(w/up + intervals w/ hill program + c/dwn)(66:17).
12-20 (Wednesday) - 8.3 miles (60:00)(mill)
12-19 (Tuesday) - 10 miles (68:37) - roads w/ Nick Brown.
12-18 (Monday) - 10 miles (69:47)(mill)

Week of 12-11 - 12-17
70.4 miles

12-17 (Sunday) - 11.4 miles (76:40)(mill)
12-16 (Saturday) - 10.2 miles (75:00)(mill)
12-15 (Friday) - 10 miles (69:47)(mill)
12-14 (Thursday) - 10.2 miles (75:00)(mill)
12-13 (Wednesday) - 10 miles (63:25)(mill)
12-12 (Tuesday) - 10.3 miles (69:45)(mill)
12-11 (Monday) - 8.3 miles (60:00)(mill)

Week of 12-04 - 12-10 - 70.3 miles

12-10 (Sunday) - 14 miles (1:36:25)(mill)
12-09 (Saturday) - 10 miles (69:45)(mill)
12-08 (Friday) - 8.3 miles (60:00)(mill)
12-07 (Thursday) - 10 miles (65:00)(mill)
12-06 (Wednesday) - 8 miles (62:16) - roads w/ Darin.
12-05 (Tuesday) - 10 miles (75:00)(mill)
12-04 (Monday) - 10 miles (67:08)(mill)

Week of 11-27 - 12-03 - 53.3 miles (6 days)

12-03 (Sunday) - 10 miles (75:00)(mill)
12-02 (Saturday) - off (couch)
12-01 (Friday) - 8 miles (55:45)(mill)
11-30 (Thursday) - 8.3 miles (60:00)(mill)
11-29 (Wednesday) - 10 miles (no watch) - roads w/ Darin.
11-28 (Tuesday) - 8.7 miles (60:00)(mill)
11-27 (Monday) - 8.3 miles (60:00)(mill)

Week of 11-20 - 11-26 - 52.3 miles (6 days)

11-26 (Sunday) - 8.3 miles (60:00)(mill)
11-25 (Saturday) - 5 miles (36:48)(mill)
11-24 (Friday) - 8 miles (60:00)(mill)
11-23 (Thursday) - miles (no watch) - roads solo.
11-22 (Wednesday) - off (couch)
11-21 (Tuesday) - 10 miles (79:00)(mill)
11-20 (Monday) - AM: miles (40:00)(mill) + PM: 8 miles (55:45)(mill)

Week of 11-13 - 11-19 - 50 miles (6 days)

11-19 (Sunday) - off (couch)
11-18 (Saturday) - 8 miles (60:00)(mill)
11-17 (Friday) - 10 miles (69:40)(mill)
11-16 (Thursday) - miles (60:00)(mill)
11-15 (Wednesday) - miles (60:00)(mill)
11-14 (Tuesday) - miles (55:45)(mill)
11-13 (Monday) - miles (60:00)(mill)

Week of 11-06 - 11-12 - 45 miles (6 days)

11-12 (Sunday) - 8 miles (55:45)(mill)
11-11 (Saturday) - off (couch)
11-10 (Friday) - 8 miles (60:00)(mill)
11-09 (Thursday) - miles (55:45)(mill)
11-08 (Wednesday) - miles (37:30)(mill)
11-07 (Tuesday) - miles (60:00)(mill)
11-06 (Monday) - miles (63:00) - roads in rain/dark w/ Darin.


11-05 (Sunday) - off (couch)
11-04 (Saturday) - off (couch)
11-03 (Friday) - miles (64:13) - w/ Darin. Out and back on 113/41.
11-02 (Thursday) - 10 miles (80:24) - w/ Darin from beach down Depot Rd. and back.
11-01 (Wednesday) - miles (64:56) - w/ Darin. Out and back on High St neighborhoods.

Winter running tip from me: Get a treadmill or join a gym.

Winter running tip from Bob Wiles: Grow some f*#king balls.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Training Week: June 05 - June 11 - Market Square Day 10K

Derrick and myself enjoying the 'roaring falls' on the Castle in the Clouds property... Photo by Andrew Drummond -

Week of June 05 - June 11

06-05 - [Monday] - PM: 7.5 miles roads with Darin and Nick. On the chilly side.

06-06 - [Tuesday] - Off. Legs needed a break after Cranmore. Should have gone easier on Sunday and maybe even Monday... Going to try to run easy miles this week to recover for a 10k on Saturday.

06-07 - [Wednesday] - AM: 10.7 roads solo.  Moores Pond loop.  PM: 6.7 miles trails w/ Kevin in Albany from his house.  Yanked some clad from his yard after.... He made me help him move the heaviest picnic table I've ever seen (or tried to pick up)...

06-08 - [Thursday] - AM: 3 miles roads at lunch. Was going to go more but my buddy swung over... PM: 11 miles roads and class vi (off) road w/ Andy.  Big High St. loop + New Rd. cut-through. Very warm out. Bonked at 3 miles and felt like crap the rest of the way. Good times.

06-09 - [Friday] - AM: 6 miles roads w/ Andy easy.  Was going to do another run later but then...I didn't.

06-10 - [Saturday] - AM: 2.5 miles warm up w/ Quints, Ruben, Aguila, Switaj, Garfield, Hamel + 10k race (6.3 on the Garmin) - Market Square Day 10k - 5th OA - 34:08 (results) + 2.5 miles c/down out to New Castle and back w/ Quints, Hamel, and Downtown D. Brown.

06-11 - [Sunday] - AM: 19 miles trails w/ Derrick Hamel and Andy Drummond. Ossipee Range loop. Roberts/Shaw/Black Snout/Turtleback/Bald Knob.  VERY HOT but great run. Awesome views. Great trails.  Too bad I indirectly made Derrick wipe out about 12 miles in....He finished up like a trooper...but a little bloodied...

75.2 miles for the week on 10 runs.

Not a disaster of a week by any means.  Had to take a zero on Tuesday but still managed 75 miles on 6 days which is good (for me).  Ran w/ Kevin for the first time since late in the first Obama administration and saw Mike Quintal for the first time in a year or so...maybe more.

On Saturday I had a borderline abysmal race on one hand and OK on the other... depending on which way you look at it.  On the one hand, I ran my 10th Market Square Day 10k.  I have run it every year since 2007 except 2015 when I had a stress fracture.  I was 5th this year.  I've finished worse.  On the other hand, I was surprisingly slow 'time-wise'.

My history at the Market Square Day 10K...

2007 - 10th of 1398 - [34:07]
2008 - 4th of 1536 - [33:01]
2009 - 3rd of 1665 - [32:45]
2010 - 7th of 1730 - [32:47]
2011 - 3rd of 1740 - [31:56]
2012 - 2nd of 1771 - [32:33]
2013 - 5th of 1694 - [33:10]
2014 - 5th of 1898 - [34:06]
2016 - 9th of 1590 - [33:57]
2017 - 5th of 1367 - [34:08]

I've never finished 1st, 6th, or 8th... but I have every other place in the top 10 covered.... I peaked out at 2nd OA in 2012 and a sub 32 effort in 2011 when I was essentially PR'ing all over the place. Ahh to be young again.

As you can see I ran my slowest time by 1 second this year.... Not pleased about that but also know it was a bit warm out there and I have Cranmore still a bit in my legs.  I did manage to run an OK race 'race-wise' meaning that the top 3 guys that beat me are basically never going to find their way behind me in a race unless (ahem, Nick) it's up a ski slope in North Conway.... However I did manage to dual back and forth with Andy Huebner and Matt Garfield for a bit early, then Derrick Hamel later on in the end miles.  Derrick was able to dump me at about 5 miles give or take....and it was for good. I was actually in front of him at 4.5 and sitting in 4th OA but he outran me in the last mile and really pulled away.  I kind of wallowed back in 5th for the rest of the race once he broke free and I just tried to keep my place. I knew my time was going to be atrocious.  But a lot of guys had tougher days than I did out there....Won my age group though!  :).

We hung out for the majority of the late morning and early afternoon walking around Portsmouth and shopping. We had lunch with my parents and aunt and then walked around (maybe a bit too long) in the blazing hot sun...but it was a great family day (as it usually is).

Some video from the lovely and talented Kristin...

All my MSD 10k medals (age or overall) since 2007. Only missed 2015 as I had a stress fracture and didn't race.

Wrapped up the week with a great run in the Ossipees with Andy and Derrick.  It was pretty damn hot but fortunately (except for the peaks) most of the run was in the woods and some decent shade.  Got in 19 miles with about 3700 feet of climbing.  Some great VT 50 training! (Just kidding).

Photo by Andrew Drummond -

Ended Sunday with a few hours at the beach down the rd. w/ the family.